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Author Topic: BustyDD's new daytime flatmate in Tufnell Park is...  (Read 1443 times)

Offline bestbefore

https://www.adultwork.com/2864196 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%2DsexyKelly

Anyone seen her before?

Looks like she has definitely been around elsewhere for a while.

Offline bestbefore


Great spot. What this forum is all about. Sounds like a very poor replacement for Elle. One to avoid.

Lets hope it doesn't rub off on BustyDD, who gives a great service.

This seems to have bypassed me. The profile in the OP appears to be pretty much blank. How did you make the connection with the universally panned Passionate Vicky?

Also bestbefore, how did you come by the information in the first place? Not trying to call you out, just curious. I was saving up for a duo with Laura and Elle and gutted to see Elle had moved on.

Ah. Putting it together now with the help of the screen grab on the other thread. I remember finding this profile (before it was cleaned out) the other day trying to research the very same subject.

Crying shame.

Offline bestbefore

Also bestbefore, how did you come by the information in the first place?

I saw that she was based in Tufnell Park with the same available daytime hours as Laura. The girls can only work at that flat in the daytime so I put two and two together. Messaged her and she confirmed it.


she has just messaged me again to say that she now ISNT going to be at the same flat as Laura and has to find another place, so who knows what is going on

Maybe Elle will return.

Offline GirlyGirl

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Elle will not return to Tufnell Park...

Elle will not return to Tufnell Park...

Is it just me or does that message seem ominous as fuck??

Ah, Elle, it's you! Glad to hear you're happy in Archway. Sorry to have missed you in Tufnell Park

Offline GirlyGirl

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I move around London and I rent nice apartments for my naughty meetings..and I keep updating my profile accordingly... To everyone who missed me in Tufnell Park -  I am sure we will meet one day...
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I reckon this is the new girl in town. Charges extra for owo. I know I keep saying this but I can't believe I missed out on a duo with Laura and Elle. Would've been amazing.


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