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Author Topic: Kyra Hot - Life in plastic's not fantastic  (Read 2735 times)

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Offline TheOracle


I'm definitely not a PSE-kind of guy: I've never been too attracted by the slutty type, and I look more for intensity and connection than dirty transgression. Still, in some cases I get curious, and when I noticed Kyra Hot's profile, and immediately connected it to a few videos where she appears as a super-hot but still reasonably natural girl (http://www.xvideos.com/video9260058/kyra_hot_knows_hot_to_handle_a_big_cock_16) I thought I might give it a try.

It took me ages to reach the big building block near Canary Wharf where she was receiving in a pretty nice apartment. I must say I was pretty stressed out because I ended up being more than 25 minutes late, and I even offered her to pay for a full hour but she didn't really seem to mind: this was pretty positive.

Unfortunately that's pretty much where the positives ended for me. Kyra opened the door in a bathrobe open to her massive fake tits protruding from a bustier, suspender and stockings... wrapping a pair of legs that seemed to have taken quite a bit of weight since the videos. Also, she was wearing slippers (IIRC), and something in the set up and her attitude reminded me more of a housewife about to do her laundry than a source of sin and temptation. The beautiful black hair that she sports in many videos have given way to an insipid fake blond. The general "fake" theme is also enhanced by her eyes, above what two giant fake eyelashes now overhang, and by her pouting lips, which I suspect she has had pumped.

Compare this: http://www.xvideos.com/video9260058/kyra_hot_knows_hot_to_handle_a_big_cock_16
with this: http://www.xvideos.com/video10631556/kyra_hot_in_public_train 

the second video has been taken a little more than a month ago and describes more or less what I met. I'm sure she will meet the tastes of a lot of people, but I preferred version I.

Anyway, looks aside, she greeted me with bored looks, not much of a smile, a generally sloppy attitude: I thought she might have been tired from the day (I met her around 7) but at some point she complained that in Canary Wharf she had a lot fewer clients than in Earl's Court so it couldn't be that.

Second disappointment of the day: I pull out 120£ (I'm pretty sure that's what her profile was asking until the day before) and she informs me it's 140£ for an hour and 100£ for half an hour. Fuck it, I thought, and downgraded the punt to 30 minutes. Second positive: she didn't complain to this either (I guess 100£ for 30 minutes is not too bad, given it's what she would be worth for an hour, at best).

I tried some vague chit chat, but the biggest disappointment of it all is how plain and uninspiring the communication was. I'm sorry to say that, but if I had to judge from my impressions Kyra Hot seemed a semi-lobotomized girl to me, speaking in short sentences with a kind of a whiny, high pitched voice and that bored tone...

I took a quick shower (good facilities, she gave me a towel, etc.), and then went on the bed. I asked if she kisses and she said "only a little bit": now this I don't understand. You make movies where you get screwed by three men at a time and you drink cum, but when it comes to kissing it's only light pecking? The thing was rapidly turning a big disappointment (particularly after the kms I had done to get there) so I hoped in a scrumptious BJ.

That's when she started teasing me and doing a bunch of idiotic things like slapping my cock on her breasts or rubbing them against it more or less with the same sensuality a butcher would manipulate a chunk of beef. Not too good, I thought, and hoped for a quick start of the OWO: when the thing didn't arrive after 30 more seconds I explicitly asked for it, and she answered something about me rushing things. Oh, I see, is foreplay important during PSE? I guess someone who actively works to progressively transform herself in a plastic doll would see need a tit wank to get to know me better and feel at ease with me.

When the BJ finally started it was pretty good, but the whole thing was marred by her constant fake moaning, that had started more or less from the first second I put my hands on those huge and innatural melons (I realized that it was the first time I was doing it with a woman with fake tits, and didn't really see the point in handling these bags of synthetic material, clearly perceivable from inside the skin as an addition to the real flesh).

Now, I must say that I guess a lot of people would actually have fun in a similar situation, but it simply was too off for me to really get into it. We started screwing in missionary, but her moaning was annoying, so I turned her to doggy, but thought that her ass was too big for me to really enjoy the experience fully. All these little nags made the experience become useless: it felt artificial and forced. Add to that the fact that in 30 minutes I tend to come too quickly and on the first round I never give it all in order to make it last a bit longer, and the fiasco was complete.

I came without too much enthusiasm, and immediately started getting dressed again, with her clearly oblivious to the fact I hadn't been too into it (or simply not caring). While getting dressed I exchanged a few more words, about Hungary, and Budapest, and London, but my feelings remained the same: that I had fucked with a plastic doll with nothing much to say, neither interested in me not interesting for me.

Overall: if you like the "pornstar experience" and are turned up by plastic bodily additions Kyra Hot might be the girl for you. I suggest booking for one hour (even though she's not worth 140£) and giving her a mighty banging for at least 35/40 minutes, because I suspect that's the minimum amount of movement that spurs any sort of reaction or sensation in her.

Me, I'm looking for something more natural. Next stop hopefully someone like Naughty Mel or something similar (too bad Sophie A. apparently moved to Glasgow).
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3 review(s) found for @@ KYRA HOT @@ linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Anadin

So you're saying it's actually her? I thought the profile was fake.

Offline ram2184

dear god her hips and arse looks huge for her height. she is probably the type of girl that kanya West or rappers would love.

not my type at all

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Offline TheOracle

So you're saying it's actually her? I thought the profile was fake.

It's not fake, but she bait and switched someone. She receives with a girl named Ania, and one guy found this Ania instead of Kyra, but when I went there I met the right one.

Offline The_Don

It's not fake, but she bait and switched someone. She receives with a girl named Ania, and one guy found this Ania instead of Kyra, but when I went there I met the right one.


Thanks for the review.

She sound like a total let down

Offline Anadin

I  must be nuts but if it's really her I have to give her a go even with a negative reviews.


Thanks for the review - her AW profile now says £140 ph - do you think it did say £120?

Shame it was a negative - seems she was bored for the day and you may have disturbed her early evening nap!!


Offline mikey40

I had a good time with her when she 1st appeared in Earls Court, nearer to west brompton tube. She took a good pounding for the full 30 mins. Didn't do any FK though and she is well built, not really different to her photos. I paid £80 for 30 mins and wouldn't pay more or go back. Enjoyed it and a good one for the memory bank. She was only supposed to be their for 5 days, but perhaps she's found it's easier money than porn.
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Offline mikey40

I didn't ask her flat out but had enough gfe's in the past to know if she was going to go down that route or not.
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