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Author Topic: Holly - Invasian Escorts - Notting Hill  (Read 1419 times)

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£140 for 1 hour incall (£10 discount for leaving review last time used agency)

Was supposed to see Rebecca More, but it effectively got cancelled with just over 20 minutes until my booking, I didnt want to hang around in the biting cold and I was so in the mood I had to just get it out my system. Plan B was to see Sherbert from Invasian Escorts, but she was busy which is not surprising given how last minute I tried to book. About 3 other girls in the immediate area that I would have liked as alternative were not available, and from sounds of it, there was no one available, so I would have to try girls further out. I only had number for Invasian (got adult lock on phone still - too lazy to get it removed), so had no alternative, until I got a text saying that Holly in Notting Hill has responded.

Very easy to find flat, literally a stone's throw from Notting Hill station. Inside is nice and comfortable.

Holly does not look Thai, she is pale of skin and has more of a chinese look to her. Like every thai agency girl, her photos are photoshopped, but not overly so. She is pretty with a slender body. Her boobs are natural and prefectly sized for cupping in your hands, and silky soft (I had forgotten how natural boobs felt as every girl seems to have had a boob job). I would guess she is in her 30s.

Holly is very smiley, friendly, and sweet. She continually checks to make sure you are comfortable and that everything is nice, although her repeated fussing with the mirror to make sure I had a good view of her in different activities we did, did get a bit annoying, as I dont care for that at all. I imagine, from her experiences, a lot of guys do care.

She uses a lot of this watery gel type stuff (non sticky) so that she can slide her butt and boobs all over your cock.
OWO was ok.
Open mouthed kissing (no FK or DFK, although I did not ask if she does this) while touching my cock and sexily asked if i wanted first round to be in her mouth or ass, i choose ass of course! This was the best part, she bent over the bed, guided me in, and let me fuck away. Loved it when she i was holding her boobs, she leaned back and then we were fucking standing, rubbing her clit, and holding her close, until I came. Felt great!
Her massage was good as it concentrated on my back and shoulders, lot of girls do the massage all over the body which i find weird and not relaxing at all.
OWO again, until I asked for condom. Wasn't good as first round, did cowgirl and missionary, but just didnt seem to fit well with her in these positions, and used a lot of lube.

Holly is good for a gentle relaxing GFE. Thanks to Rebecca, I had been in the mood for an all out PSE, so this was on the other end of the spectrum, but I had a pleasant time all the same


- Friendly and smiley. wants to make sure you have a nice time
- Enthusiastic sex
- Good massage


- Only open mouthed kissing
- OWO was too gentle for my liking, even though I am not exactly sensitive to OWO at all
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