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Author Topic: One of those days.....  (Read 1161 times)

Offline Argento79

Had geared myself up for a punt today as I had some spare cash kicking about but typically everyone on the hit list wasn't around.

Decided I wanted my first meet with sweet and petite but turns out she is away.  Then Lilywhite not about.  Gina27 away.  Very much considering lovely miriam so called but she was booked out.  Ruby Redhead got back to me quickly but is only on wed/thurs this week.  Desperation led to lucia lovely but she didn't reply to mail so probably off as well.  Further desperation led to Jamie Drake who looks just my cup of tea but only sees one punter a day when she is at her private address and minimum of an hour.  Wasn't prepared to fork out given the middling reviews.  She replied quickly though so full marks there.

Too many risky looking profiles after that but the BJ Queen got in touch to see if I was around tomorrow so seeing her in the early-ish am.  Should have just headed out to a sauna I guess but by the time I realised that the day had pretty much vanished for my punting window.


Offline Drillakilla

It's fucking dire mate.

I have a chance to punt all week and no one stands out. Everyone that was on my hotlist is away, and my favorites have stopped. In fact the only girl on my hotlist doesn't accept a booking unless you have feedback on aw, which I deliberately leave no trace on it as I've had it hacked before by the missus.

It's all just bollocks just now.
Banning reason: Creating multiple accounts + Trolling

Offline Argento79

Yup.  AW for Edinburgh is pretty poor just now.  Some lasses I would like to see in Glasgow but the 2 hour round trip kills any notion of that.

Offline seeker

The grass always seems greener on the other side .
I was thinking of going to Edinburgh
 as there's nothing decent in Glasgow right now
That hasn't been rattled ...except those
Nice thin Romanians  :scare:
They do look tempting sometimes :(

Offline BigBandy

Yup.  AW for Edinburgh is pretty poor just now.  Some lasses I would like to see in Glasgow but the 2 hour round trip kills any notion of that.

Me too  :(

Offline solway

Seems like we need a Las Vegas style "chicken ranch" bang central of the country  :cool:

Offline Argento79

True about the green grass.  There are 2 or 3 lasses in Glasgow I would really like to see that review well.  Same old, same old in Edinburgh except the transient EE girls.  Off to see the BJ Queen this morning.  Good and dependable service.  Considering a wee half hour with lovely miriam this afternoon as well.

Offline BigBandy

There's at least half a dozen I would see if I was in Glasgow on AW & ES.

Offline BigBandy

I emailed a few yesterday and booked a couple for today and absolutely zero contact back  :dash:

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