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Author Topic: kandi duo  (Read 689 times)

Offline tig75

Hi guys,

I know kandi has a very mixed bag of reviews on here just wondering if anyone has tried her latest duo?


If not any opinions?


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Offline SirFrank

Have looked at the profile but can't see who the duo is with. Any idea?
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Offline tig75

A girl called jasmine, by sound of things she isnt on AW so probably a friend of kandi.

Offline jtfm

Seen Kandi she's a good punt, don't know who Jasemine is, you need to know what shes up for if she has no profile. I had a regular I was seeing a couple of years ago and she brought a friend along who wanted to make a bit of extra money she was so nervous she got blitzed on wine and vodka turned out to be a total waste of time!  Kandi did work with Welsh Brunette at one time, but I think they fell out.
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Offline tig75

Yeah kandi is a good punt, see her every so often! I've arranged a duo with her in the past which was great, and i'm aware she worked with welsh brunette and they totally fell out. Just know this girl and kandi have done a duo a few times now just thought i'd see if anyone had experience.

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