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Author Topic: Nadia ES - Glasgow  (Read 1170 times)

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Spent a good bit of time trying to find something good yesterday, nothing available so ventured over to ES in desperation.

After a few lacklustre and bad punts I thought fuck it, can't get much worse surely.

This girl is good, fantastic blowjob with those beautiful eyes gazing up at you followed by her on top and doggy.

Note - If you are a boob man, she isn't for you. She does have a lovely body, which I should mention though she does have some scarring or something like that from maybe surgery or a baby. I honestly only caught a glimpse when she went on top but I understand this may put some people off. She is a brilliant, friendly girl who has a nice scottish accent coming through due to her being here a length of time. She is gorgeous and just like her pics. Very happy with everything.

Offline Drillakilla

Are her boobs pert? Nothing worse than saggy small tits!
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No they were perky. Just very small. I liked them. Shes only in her late 20's

Offline RandyF

She looks OK in some of the pics.  In-call?  Whereabouts?

This her here? Same phone no. :-
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Yeah she is hot and very sexy.

Based at the morrison st

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