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Author Topic: NEGATIVE... no show FAITH  (Read 1149 times)

booked faith thro diamonds yesterday (Sunday afternoon)

I travelled from Durham

at Gateshead quays  I  phoned for flat details given info
called intercom several times no answer
back in touch with diamonds they came back with
she is not answering her mobile and offered me alternative girl
 yet on the website shes available
is this a bait and switch scam
pissed me off big style yesterday ,wasted opp

Online johnny34

Did you get offered discount on your next booking with them?

I'm inclined to think it's not bait and switch as I've phoned up for same day bookings with her on 4 separate occasions and she was fully booked up every time.

thing being Prof
they gave me the time and place
it was there suggestion
if she's busy fine, but why trail me thru from Durham

Offline sentinel

Sounds as though she might have taken the day off but not bothered to tell Diamonds, but knowing them anything might have happened.
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Offline Lucky66

This does not sound like the faith I know.

Offline Toshiba

Shit happens, done to me a few times its part of punting

The girls dont give a shit at times but what can we do apart from twist.

Never mind

Offline Jamessn

Had this often with diamonds over the years, they put girls down as working when they have told them they are not.

Faith is one of the best and so I would assume it's diamonds.

Offline Warwick Hunt

Never got the chance to see Faith yet but its not for the want of trying, i dont think she works that often so its very inconsiderate and annoying to say the least, but i blame the agency.
There could be many reasons why it fell through but you deserve an explanation, after all they take it as an insult when it happens to them.
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