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    Author Topic: Redheads?  (Read 1465 times)

    Offline nutley

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a slim (size 10 max) young (30 or under) redhead? I miss Rosie from NNE and on the hunt for someone similar. Thx

    Offline mcb

    Rosie. I never had the pleasure  :(

    Offline maxxblue

    There's 'Gorgeous Hannah' who is currently in Redcar, but she is too expensive in my view (£130 an hour, and doesn't do 30 minute bookings):

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Also, her last feedback on AW was two years ago.
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    Offline Barry Shipton

    Brooke at Diamonds seems to fit your description - size 6, 18 years old, seems to have more a rock chic look with tattoos and piercings - Flying Blue reviewed her last year.


    Summer from the same site appears to have gone AWOL after dodgy reviews. Keeva and Jessamy of Amour are well reviewed but both just the wrong side of 30 for your 'young' description.

    Offline dino1990

    yes I miss rosie as well :( best escort of last year for me. Brooke @ diamonds isn't half as good as Rosie.

    Offline nutley

    Thanks for the tips. Brooke's negative reviews make her a no go. I'm really after a natural redhead I should have stated.

    New girl at NNE Jenny I think looks nice

    New girl at NNE Jenny I think looks nice

    arranged to see her on  Wednesday, noticed she is in Gateshead.

    Offline nutley

    Hi thanks for the tip. I'm also seeing her Wednesday. Fingers crossed she provides a good service.

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