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Author Topic: Bristol BS1 RB - A somewhat misleading AdultWork nickname?or malicious intent?  (Read 795 times)

Offline ciscoxxx69

Good Morning RESPONSIBLE fellow punters and WG's alike.......


It was brought to my attention over the weekend (....by a WG who I have NOT YET met, but who I do plan to soon....) that the following Reverse Bid appeared on AW recently.....see below

Client Nickname: Cisco69 (0)
Meet Date: 24/02/2015
Meet Time: 20:00
Meet Duration: 2hrs
Prepared to Pay: 400 GBP

Looking for a: Female
Age: 25 to 32
Type: Outcall
Town: Bristol
Post Code: BS1
I am looking for a one off opportunity to go BB, as I always play it safe but want the thrill just one more time. It's a bit out of character, but it would be nice to re-live my youth.
I am happy to make it either an incall or outcall at my hotel.
I will have an up-to-date STI check and will expect the same from you.
Please either bid or email me with confirmation that you accept my offer in the strictest confidence. x

Now, I have no idea who cisco69 is????    - (0)  - (that's ZERO AW feedbacks) :unknown:  :unknown: :unknown:
....but it is certainly not me ciscoxxx69 - (112) - (good  :lol: AW feedbacks)  :hi:

Therefore.....please do not make the assumption that this RB is anything to do with me...... :dash: :dash: :dash:

TBH - '......re-living my youth....' would just involve a lot of wanking - I only had 10 GF's before I got married at 32!
I have had SOOOO much MORE (protected) fun since finding this hobby in the last two years.......why would I want to fuck that up?

cisco69 - I hope you get what you want mate, as long as it is not with any Girls I want to see!

Thanks again to the WG who brought this to my attention -  :rose:

Guys and Girls, I thank you for your attention..........as you were :hi:

How long have they been an AW member and have you upset anyone recently?
IMO someone is trying to fuck with you but not in a sex way, I don't believe in this much of a coincidence.  :hi:

Offline Qwerty

Can you send them a mail on AW? Or is it only possible to mail providers?

Hi ciscoxxx69,

It's a shame you couldn't get the girl in question to accept a meeting with the fake and you show up and punch his lights out for what is obvious malicious use of your good name.

I hope the person in question realises this and stops now!!!

Offline Mij

Can you send them a mail on AW? Or is it only possible to mail providers?

Yes you can send a mail...but it's not straightforward....

Firstly you need the AW ID code of the punter's profile. Find someone that the punter has seen, and then open the feedback window and then see if they have left FB back for them....if so, then click the number next to the punter's name to list all their FB. In the top of the window will then be something like;

https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewRatings.asp?UserID=xxxxxxx     (where xxxxxx is the punter's profile ID.)

Then for any wg profile on AW, click on the send an email link. A new window will appear with the link set to

https://www.adultwork.com/dlgSendEmail.asp?UserID=yyyyyyy     (where yyyyyyy is the WG's profile ID.)

Simply then just swap out the WG's profile ID for the punter's ID, and then send them the message.

Interesting one and just thinking out loud!
Maybe it is a bit of a coincidence that the other profile name is very similar to yours. My aw profile name is different from my UKP profile name but similar to another member on here (if that makes sense?). Even if this RB has received bids and may even be fulfilled, as you are not the owner of the rb there is no comeback to you anyway. Do you have a close enough relationship with a prossie for her to investigate the profile with the similar name to yours? If it is malicious, do you have any idea who or why someone might want to sully your reputation?

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