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Author Topic: Lucious Lexi XXX - Northampton  (Read 1027 times)

Offline Tuffers

Has anyone seen Lexi (there seems to be a few "Lexi's" in Northampton!) - if so can they recommend?



Offline mf_1101

I tried to book her, got through had a good chat, confirmed services etc looked to be hunky dory. She said she'd send me her details, so I got ready...5, 10, 20 minutes pass, nothing. Quick text sent...nothing, so I have her a call and no-one picked up. Not going to leave without knowing at least the postcode.

My impression is timewaster, there could be a reasonable explanation but even a simple "I can't do it something came up" would at least make me consider you again. Shame she looks really good. If anyone has had a positive meeting let me know, I feel let down here. 

Offline Tuffers

Hi, I did get to see Lexi a couple of times last year.  Never had a problem arranging meetings with her, she is very bubbly and offers a good service.  Has a slim lithesome body and knows how to please, would definitely recommend  :hi:

Offline mf_1101

Aye she sent me a message saying she had an emergency, apologizing. Only fair I give her another chance but I still don't get why she can't give a quick text to say it isn't on - to me it still feels like she got a better offer for her time, fair game but don't waste mine.

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