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Author Topic: Paula of Glasgow  (Read 1098 times)

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Offline Eastbloke

OK, hadn't been able to have a punt for a while due to work, so was glad when the opportunity to get out and have some fun came up!  I was going to be in Glasgow and having read the good reviews of Paula I knew I had to give her a try and I'm glad that I did!

Comms were done over the phone, she give me directions by text and I was able to find the place easily enough, the apartment is a newish block near the river.  Security entrance to get in wasn't a problem as she gave me her flat number to buzz so I could get in.

Got upstairs and the door was opened by the lady herself, low lighting but she really is stunningly beautiful.  The flat was quite nice and looked more like it was going to be part of an Ideal Homes exhibition!  I always like it when the flat looks good as I have this idea that an untidy flat means a bad punt.

Paula was dressed in short leather dress, stockings, heels and had a see through outfit on.  She got me through to the bedroom and helped me get undressed and gave my neck and shoulders a rub, which I liked.  She's really chatty, but makes it clear she expects to get down to the actual punt soon as pos, so I was soon kissing and playing with her pussy, followed by her putting me on my back and going down on me.

Now this was amazing:  I've had great BJ's before, but nothing like this.  Paula is amazingly skilled and soon I was trying my best to hold on for dear life!  I came within about ten minutes of her starting, with Paula taking my load across her face.

After cleaning up I lay back, she lay in the crook of arm and we chatted and kissed a bit, then she went down on me again, I asked if we could 69, so she happily got into position and we went at it again.  I nearly came again, but was too spent from the first occasion to rise to it again.  Next time, I'll go for the two hour option, if my heart can take it!

18 review(s) found for ~ P A U L A ~ 4YOU linked to in above post (14 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Great review of a great girl ......I love the fact that even after you come she tries her damn hardest to make you cum again and she ain't no clock watcher

18 review(s) found for ~ P A U L A ~ 4YOU linked to in above post (14 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

link please

I see you have reviewed Erika....both Erika and Paula worked together for a bit ...so this will give you some idea of the level of service offered by Paula as she was taught the tricks of the trade by the best...Erika

Offline RandyF

Is she Erika's maw?  They seem to have studied at the same school of whoring, and there's other similarities.
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