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Booked for half an hour on Saturday evening (booking took place on Friday night). Texted to confirm it a few hours before on Saturday and was asked if half an hour later was okay so I told her that was fine. Takes me an hour to get there and when I'm almost there she texts to say that something has come up and can't do tonight. Since she said on her profile she was taking duo bookings this weekend I have no doubt a booking for more money came up. Complete waste of time.
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7 review(s) found for scarlett-northeast linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Bad luck Stonesfan :(  It is so annoying when they do that. Sheer rudeness and inconsideration. You can console yourself with your impeccable taste in music.

Offline themademan2

Be careful with this lass, bullshit list of services. When asked if rimming giving, receiving Dom and receiving bdsm, all listed as likes on profile, she says NO to it ALL. When I question her that it's listed she calls me rude and she don't have time for people like me. :wackogirl:

AVOID as she bullshits about service, lost count of how many times she changed her name too.

Looks like she amended them bits after noticing these comments. An apology wouldn't go amiss babe. Your text attitude was very rude
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