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Author Topic: Posting AdultWork Private Gallery pics on UKP  (Read 3428 times)

Offline Steve2

So let's all make sure they get bitten then, eh?
And let's discourage them from putting up photos in case they get published on here.

Thier choice. Not just on Adultwork but anywhere. IF they choose to put pictures/ films/personal details on the Internet then those pics can and often will be available to view on numerous sites

I could suggest another site where you might find your views welcome but I don't think they will be on here

Offline AnthG

If you sub to a girls private gallery and copy pics, don't post them on here out in the open as it may discourage all of them from putting face pics on there profiles altogether. Although I think PMing face pics is fine as it is usually because someone has asked for her specifically showing interest and is not out in the open for anyone to see, specifically the hundreds of lurkers who lack contribution to the site.

This is my belief entirely too ^ I am someone who really wishes WGs would put a face pic on thier PG as it means the guy down the street, or guy they work with will never see it, only potential customers will.

I do however support the stance that if there was a punting forum with hidden sections from the public (so offtopic here). Then again ok to post them there as only punters and thus prospective customers will see it. Same goes with PM. She has put her face in the PG to entice punters to want to see her after all and that is what pics sent via PM will achieve

This is my stance.

Offline Dani

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The point is by having photos on the internet be it in a free gallery or a paid for one there is a large likely hood that those photos will not stay on just that site.
For a start there are many sites that advertise prossies and because they are new and have no one paying to advertise they steal our photos from AW to make them look busy.  I know I google my work name and often find myself and photos from my PG on sites I know I have not put myself on.  All we can do is ask the host company to get them removed.  some will and some wont.  No pont asking the site as they wont.
We all know that any photo or video is at risk of ending up in all sorts of places even if it is in a PG. 
It doesn't mean it is right to copy the photos and paste them anywhere at all but we know the risks and the benefits outweigh the risks or we wouldn't put any on there at all. 
As for the face photo if it is in your Pg all you are saying is I don't mind showing my face but you have to pay to see it.  If you don't want your face online don't put it up anywhere.  A PG wont stop someone if they think they know you as they will buy it to see if it is you.  So hiding your face in a PG has no benefit at all except for getting money for it.

If you thought you recognised a prossie and were the type to want to out her to family and friends then up to £2 for a PG isn't going to stop you from doing so.

Offline JV547845

Really, could you perhaps link a couple of these profiles as I've NEVER heard that comment from a pro$$ie before  :music:

You've also never reviewed a prostitute before.

Online James999

So pro$$ies didn't say that to you then, you just made it up to reinforce your claim  :unknown:

Changing the subject won't detract from it  :hi:
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Offline JV547845

It's not the most outlandish claim of the century for them to reply that when I asked if they were worried about being recognised online.  Get working on those reviews.

Online James999

It's not the most outlandish claim of the century

So why the need to make up pro$$ies to back up your claim  :sarcastic:

Offline Gordo987

I think you are accusing the wrong person of being 12 years old and I suggest you look in the mirror.
It's noticeable that any cogent adult reason for not doing it is met with abuse. The only reasons put forward for doing it amount,in essence, to 'because we can'.

Ooooh, bitch slapped!! When I look in the mirror I put a bag over my head because I don't want to be recognized. So far, I've seen nothing remotely cogent sweetheart, certainly not from you.  :thumbsdown:
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Offline Jimmyredcab

If a girl or anyone else doesn't want them shared, then they should not put them on the internet full stop. Anything on the internet is likely to come back and bite you at some point in the future

It hurts me to say this but ----- you are 100% correct.      :hi:

Offline JV547845

So why the need to make up pro$$ies to back up your claim  :sarcastic:

I don't want them linking me and my UKP profile, and the point is so blatantly obvious to anyone who actually punts and pays for private galleries (they often don't have face pics in, take a hint) I don't need to back it up with what is just hear say anyway. 

We already know Brittney blurred her face pics when she was still working.  I've not seen her but Louise in Plymouth has on her profile that her photos nicked.  https://www.adultwork.com/2260093

6 review(s) found for Lovely_Miss_Louise linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline west8

I've booked several girls solely on the strength of a single picture posted here on UKP by another punter.

I've not been disappointed yet and would in all likelihood never have booked the girl (or indeed even known about her) were it not for said pictures.

Offline Gordo987

I've booked several girls solely on the strength of a single picture posted here on UKP by another punter.

I've not been disappointed yet and would in all likelihood never have booked the girl (or indeed even known about her) were it not for said pictures.

Its the old rules of marketing - it pays to advertise and there's no such thing as bad publicity. :thumbsup:
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Offline Steve2

It hurts me to say this but ----- you are 100% correct.      :hi:

It hurts me too Jimbo but "Thank you"

 :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:

Offline LL

It hurts me too Jimbo but "Thank you"

 :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:
Just when I thought this thread had run its course and wasn't useful any more.
That's made my day!

Offline Gordo987

Glad to have been of assistance - Sunday was a crap day and it livened up the Board for a while :hi:
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I am not going to address the copyright/copying/linking/embedding/terms of service issues at all.

But what I will say is this:

The fact that 'face pics' on AW are in something called a 'private gallery' is incredibly misleading. Why? Because the prostitute has no intention whatsoever that such 'face pics' remain private. If each of the seven billion people on this wretched planet were stupid enough to pay an average looking AW prostitute to see her 'face pics' then she would be ecstatic for each and every person in the world to see them.

The gateway to seeing her 'face pics' is not in any sense underpinned by a promise of 'privacy' it is simply in exchange for paying her. 'Face pics' in an AW 'private gallery' are not private at all, they are public with a precondition of payment. It is that simple. So drop the privacy/discretion arguments. This is about money and nothing else. If a prostitute puts 'face pics' in a 'private [public for cash] gallery' then she has accepted that they are for consumption by the public (albeit, on her terms, for cash).

Offline PompeyChap

The few times that I've paid for a PG I've always saved the images and stored them somewhere, seems a tad silly to essentially rent picture for a day.

As for posting on the forums? I don't see the reason it's needed unless it's a PG scam or the escort in question has stolen/cheated someone. If enough WGs get annoyed about it they might start taking pictures of punters and posting them on places like SAAFE.  As for it not being right, it's bullshit. These girls are full aware that they have put their face pictures on the internet and are allowing people to see them for money. If they don't want their faces being shown, they shouldn't put up face pictures.

Tony Montana

I think it is justified if the girl is an utter BOBFOC or if just a few pics are shown to illustrate a particular point.

Quote from: fluffyredcab on February 22, 2015, 03:20:35 pm
Princess .....

 :vomit: :vomit:

Considering his stance in the fluffy cunts thread last week that one made me laugh when I saw it  :lol:

If wg's really want to attract punters for escorting, should they not logically post a few of their best photos on the front page?

I have certainly stopped wasting money viewing PG's

However I all too frequently find hot looking aw girls who have ticked the escorting box, yet never post a phone number and never reply to emails. What a surprise that they also have a very overpriced PG! As they are deceitful regarding their services offered I would certainly feel no guilt seeing their private photos exposed.
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