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Author Topic: khloe sexy girl - north london colindale.  (Read 1699 times)

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As said this is a review for khloe sexy girl after my 2nd and longer encounter last midweek .
I was far more relaxed which made experience even more awesome.
Profile-accurate and now verified!
Comms - efficient.
Services outstanding.
GFE - genuine friendly sensual.
DFK- plenty.
Hot sex - enthusiasm, playful - super. 
Bedroom clean and fresh with a mirror.
Intimate cosy feel.
Bathroom clean , shower facilities fine and I was provided with a big warm towel kept in a laundry basket .
Khloe - fresh look clean and natural. (No hint of smoke during my meet her as I found she smelt lovely) so she ticks the fresh hygiene standard which as many would agree a must.
Breasts - delightful , natural and responsive To my touch.
Pussy-inviting, tight, wet.
Personality- intriguingly wonderful, happy , friendly warm and soooo kind . (as how I've experienced her !!!)
All requests and Timing met.
Time- as mentioned met , attentive unrushed and not pressured.
Value- absolutely .

It was an incall ad lunchtime.
The travel was fine taking underground and northern line eventually to get there collindale tube station.
I headed down literally 5 or 6 main walk before going off main road over to the burbs area where her apartment is.
The comms to both get there was efficient as was the booking though adult work and the phone calls and messaging .
My time was specific and request was met .. Basically I wanted 1245pm to fit my schedule so this is a massive tick in acknowledging my needs in regards to timings. we met on time at required time. No hanging around. I saw for people who drive there is a car park around off road as khloe states.
I made a request which also met in relation to what I wanted her to have on . Sexy khloe was fine with it and met that too. The majority of comms were mainly thru mobile and agreed to confirm by AW .
The profile of khloe says she's the real deal ....... OMG YES ! She is .
You know that a profile in AW or anywhere needs to match when you meet and encounter the lady and KSG does. Its obvs always better to have what's stated on a profile happen at a meet. So that's an ace service in itself. I mean other reviews said this but as I'm developing both my review skills and bedroom skills its important to state.
Get this : I'm insecure guy when it comes to sex and intimacy but this lady takes me to another level. Her personality I describe as very flirtatious, sexually mischievous, friendly-sweet and engaging.
Accurately I'd describe her as a model type as her profile suggests and a girl who took great pleasure in teasing and pleasing me providing the most mind blowing sensual , sexual experience for the amount I paid. And the amount of time I spent with her.
I going to say to the encounter as a whole deal was genuinely fun, intriguing and the allure the girl has outweighs the distance in travel to get there.
As im not this way of London. Nevertheless that is the only negative for me the time and distance of where she is based.

OK so her look ??!  Sexy /cool. Dark haired beaut.
Boys I'm saying there is a defo a  Angelina Jolie and Sophie Ellis bextor look going on. A stunning face with gorgeous lips and eyes . 27 years I agree in 20s for sure.
The photos show a sexy body which having experience up close and very personal be very lucky for other girls to have.
Plus the guys who manage to get hold of her sexy ass are in for a treat always as she's in amazing natural condition.

The details regarding the sexual encounter and service included are really that I have had entertaining sex and been satisfied wow style.
DFK and then over the body , sensual to the ears , neck and of course having my cock liked spat on and sucked expertly whilst slowly being teased and repaying the favors meant for a hella passionate encounter.
The sex was done everywhere in the bedroom and was awesome .
Echoing what others say she a great personality as well as sexy so means overall package is the best.
A genuine beauty who was really clean and even when I refreshed during my encounter as things got so hot.

I like her my naughty sex teacher to me however she more than handle the more experience guys amongst you as well as blow the mind of wiser more mature men who prefer seeing a sexy front cover  magazine chick who will shag you just how you want it. And then some more. :-)

For pleasure , fun and value Khloe sexy girl is that.
She ticks my boxes and many on here. GREAT JOB.

And finally thanks again to the UK punting peeps for this as I really wouldn't have ever gone to colindale (never heard of the place ) or ever been past Camden market over that way


65 review(s) found for khloe sexy girl linked to in above post (62 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline tristen92

Decent. Sounds like a girl I got to see - nice review. Luckily Colindale is down the road from me, too.
Banning reason: STD scaremongering

Offline The_Don

Seen her a few times and she a good SP

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