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Author Topic: Mariana Delicia  (Read 2287 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/2403366 or https://www.adultwork.com/MARIANA+DELICIA

This lady sparked my interest during a search to add to my HL.
Anyone seen before?

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Offline Ben4454

Im always sceptical of working girls who havent had a new review in over a year.
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A good point, I am new to AW really so still trying to see the flaws the eagle eyed experts spot and are frankly obvious to others.
Her last report was Sept last year so a gap it's true. I am trying to add WGs more local to me in my HL so I think I will monitor this one or maybe if one day I'm thinking with my smaller brain I'll try my first TOFTT

Hi Lads , I just saw this post and yes I have seen her . I can honestly say that her profile is full of lies and I will give you a list of those after her plus side . She has a really beautiful face , very sultry looking . She does,nt give a bad service , but ¬£150 is too much to pay . Now here is a list of the lies , 1. the photo on the Bed of her is doctored as far as her legs are concerned , because in reality they are short and stocky that gives her a quite meaty Butt . 2. She does,nt FK . 3. She states that she has natural tits , she has,nt , they are enhanced , hence the scars underneath , and they are,nt big . 4 . She is 35 not 25  . 5 . And is Married but husband does,nt know , a big turn off for me , but some of you this may not bother too much . I am of the opinion , that she is like a lot of the Brazilians , quite mercenary . Hopefully this will help you out .

Offline Chriskxxx

I had a very good punt with Mariana just last week. Quite reasonable price for a London escort.

Gorgeous girl! I particularly like that look. I was a bit concerned after hearing the last report but had a much better experience than the last guy. I know a some services that girls use are 'discretionary' which is fair enough... I got the works!! DFK, amazing deep OWO and eventually an extremely satisfying CIM... I swear this girl must love the taste of cum...!! Or maybe it's just mine??

Her boobs are certainly natural, apparently she had a reduction which accounts for the slight scars.
As for the husband situation?? Her private and personal situation doesn't really bother me..

Definately, worth a visit!! I'm certainly going to be back for more!! There's a few positions we didn't manage to get too last time..

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I've seen her loads of times over the last 5 years ..
She has a beautiful smile
Tiny waist
Big ass (loves being slapped)
Can take a big dick I'm 9 inches and thick and she can handle it well :

Offline nigel4498

Another dubious post. Only posted twice and both about the same girl, and bumped a 20 months old thread.
So hi there Marianna  :hi:
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Hey I'm a newbie so apologies
Certainly not Mariana
Honest a very good punt

Offline nigel4498

Her profile start date is March 2014 so no way have you seen her for five years.
I'd rather believe imonlyhuman.
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Well she used to run her own place in the city, so that's why I saw her her 5  years ago.
I have no reason to lie.
Perhaps she didn't use a/w previously

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