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Author Topic: Brunette Ramona  (Read 1042 times)

12 review(s) for ellysaa (5 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Tall tony


Without doubt my worst punt ever.

Txt comms were good for this last minute punt. She asked me to go to a city center hotel and sent me the room number in good time. I hate hotel punts and was sure every cleaner knew exactly what was going on. Ramona met me in just a pair of pants and initially I liked the look of her tits. I quickly found out they were 'new' and not to be touched as they hurt. In short this punt consisted of no kissing (although I didn't try very hard as she was not that pretty), no anal (cause it hurts), no CIM, no COF. She nearly pulled my knob off when wipping it with baby wipes and before I came over her she spread them out over her chest so as not to get cum on her body.

After I'd come once she made no effort to go for a round 2 even with 30 mins left on the punt and started to clear up and put her protective boob wrapper back on. She even started to laugh at my cock size trying to put me off a round 2.

This was my first and last Romanian. I can't believe the photos are genuinely of her and if they are they have been photshopped out of all reasonable proportions.

12 review(s) found for ellysaa linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)

I completely agree with everything in this review.

I saw Brunette Ramona when she was in Southampton. She promised everything over the phone and confirmed everything via text before I set off. When I arrived she ushered me in, took 5 minutes cleaning my cock (even though I'd just showered) and then proceeded to give me an average BJ with a condo on. It doesn't take me long on my first pop so I was ready to go straight away but absolutely no way was she going for rd 2.

Stay clear guys. I've had a few bad and a few amazing experiences with the Romanians but this one is the worst ever!

Offline spkmstr48

Tony, you should have checked here first. 3 reviews all negative.

I've personally not had a good experience with a Romanian.
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline XTC2

... before I came over her she spread them out over her chest so as not to get cum on her body
That's a new one to me, wow! I've seen one or two girls that recoiled from spunk like it was some kind of acid attack, but never to that extent. Definitely one to avoid.

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