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Author Topic: Lilly Harley/"Christina"  (Read 961 times)

Offline Qwerty

So the profile looked interesting -

https://www.adultwork.com/2746359 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lilly+Harley

and seemed to be not very far from where I live. Am single, in a discreet location, have received outcalls before, so I sent a txt. Was told she isn't available, but her friend Christina is, no AW profile, but can be found on the Devine Sirens website. Apparently I am txting with Lilly, not with the agency - the number is certainly different.

Christina looks hot, I'm tempted, ask a couple more questions, and ask if I can contact her directly - reply is "no, contact me". I explain I don't really feel comfortable someone coming to my home without having been in touch with them at all.

At which point I get "OK, bye", followed by "You've already wasted 1/2 hour messing about". OK it's been 1/2 hr, but most of that has been waiting for her to reply.

I think I may have escaped lightly - most girls are friendly and keen, don't think I'd have had much fun with that kind of attitude around, even from a "friend".

Haven't made this a neg review, as nothing was actually fixed, but folks can draw their own conclusions.

Well her 'towns' are Bath, Devizes, Frome and Bristol and her county is North Somerset, neither of those four 'towns' are in North Somerset, geography obviously not her strongpoint!

I'll bet you a pint of Old Rosie that it's a private gallery scam.

Offline Qwerty

I'll bet you a pint of Old Rosie that it's a private gallery scam.

No, Devine Sirens is real - I've met some of their girls in the past. And Lilly has feedback.

Just seems a total sourpuss

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