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Author Topic: If You Like Big Tits!  (Read 860 times)

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Offline pete88

Accessing from the Czech Republic and zero feedback.... Mabye a pg scam?

Offline HughJardon

Its like Duncan Goodhew x 2. I do love big tits but these puppies look a bit too big for even my mammary loving appetite and i expect the poster above to be accurate..Im thinking of popping to Abergayles later ive heard theres sum newbies there

Offline SirFrank

Fuck me her tits are so big they probably have their own AM. I like em big but they are too big for me plus I suspect she's a bit more of a chunk in the flesh
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Offline west8

She's a unit for sure. I've seen smaller wardrobes in IKEA.

Offline JV547845

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