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Author Topic: Beauty_Kate_34E - Almost a review  (Read 898 times)

So. I wasn't sure where to post this as technically I can't review the WG as I never met her and I don't want to besmirch her unjustly. If an admin decides this ought to be in the review section fair enough.

I have a regular bit of work in Kentish Town which allows me a free hour or two in the afternoon before getting the train and I often use this to take a punt. Today time was tight but I had that feeling where you have an "itch" that you just can't "scratch". Recently I've been seeing BustyDD Laura (see my reviews) with great satisfaction but due to a combination of her not having ideal time slots and me wanting to try someone new I did a proximity search and found Kate. I dropped her a text saying sorry for the short notice but did she have 15 minutes for a quickie and she got back quickly saying yes. She gave a rough location and I recognised it as a flat that was occupied by two different Polish girls, one of whom I met last year. This was before I joined UKP and their profiles are no longer active but she was a redhead called Selena who I saw twice as she was a lot of fun. Since I knew the location already I figured it would be fine and confirmed the booking thinking I would TOFTT and post a review as well.

I wandered down towards the flat, gave her a tinkle and confirmed the door number, it was where I'd been before. I got buzzed up and immediately heard male voices talking in what I think was Polish. I looked up the stairs and on the landing was about four guys, a couple in high vis jackets right next to the door to her flat who had also clocked me. There is a door to a terrace right next to the door to her flat and they were clustered around there. I knew the window of the room where I'd be going looked out on the terrace and instantly felt extremely uncomfortable. I hesitated for a moment, weighing things in my head before turning round and heading back out. Dropped Kate a text explaining (to which I've received no reply) and wrote the whole thing off as £50 saved.

I imagine this was just bad luck but there was something about the way which they looked down the stairs (I acknowledge this is probably paranoia) which suggested they knew exactly why I was there and I certainly had no inclination to deal with a crass remark from a bunch of heavy set builders on my way in or out. Not to mention the fact they'd have been able to see exactly who was answering the door and who knows what she'd have been wearing.

Anyway, there you have it. Do with that what you will. I don't know if I'll try going back but at the moment I'm thinking I'll look elsewhere.  :unknown:

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