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Author Topic: Reverse Bookings  (Read 357 times)

I have a reverse booking up at the moment, vary rarely do them but liked the idea of them coming to me!

Will also be my first ever outcall

Annoying though that the one bid so far is offering herself at half as much again as I said I want too pay - what's the point of that??

Offline Mij

Yeah...I had one for yesterday....only got 2 bids in the end remarkably...for an incall in Bristol too!

The first was from a WG based in fecking Walsall...!!!

And the second had no feedback, and her bid was higher than her normal incall rates anyway!


Bloody muppets!  :dash: :dash:
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Doesn't sound promising - mines in Bristol too!

Offline Spunky34

I have been meeting mostly using reverse bookings (out calls) for a couple of years.  It's always a mixed bag, and you need to sift through (or just not get annoyed with the number of time wasters).  I tend to find you get a lot of bids in the first few days, then it picks up again in the last week before the meet.  I have always had bad experiences if you post one for the following day.  My most valuable lesson from it is that if you feel there is anything amiss with the profile, just ignore the bid, and be prepared to save your money for another day if no-one suitable replies.

Best of luck with finding someone who fits the bill.

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