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Author Topic: Sensations Chippenham  (Read 1359 times)

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Passing through Chippenham the other day I was reminded of Sensations, the parlour near the Town Centre. Never having been before I got the 'urge', googled and phoned to check prices and 20 minutes later was outside.

There is a fairly indiscrete entrance, however the road was quite quiet and I'm not from the area some I held my breath, stepped into the alcove and pulled the door to find it locked. I rang the bell and waited (head down facing away from road!) for 2/3 minutes for the door to open.

A girl, Amy, about 5.5 size 14 ish, dark hair and wearing black baskque, thong and hold ups opened and let me in. Really friendly, and explained that she was the only girl available at the moment and aksed if I was happy with that. She was 7-ish out of 10 and the colonel was interested and so happy I was!

She led me into a clean enough room, with a shower cubicle in the corner and said it was £60 for 30 minutes (same prirce given on phone), I asked what I got for that and she said "it's for a full personal service", paperwork done Amy asked me to get undressed and comfy while she sorted money and left the room. SHe returned after 8 minutes, undressed, sat next to me and said "the £60 you've paid gets the full personal service, there are some extra's though if your interested?" I asked what was on offer, "things like oral without, kissing me, going down on me, cuming on my tits", I explained that most of that I would call a 'full personal service' and was told that this was only "touching me, blow job with and sex".

I normally insist on DFK and so asked the price of that, or going down on her, "all the extras are £20 each", I'll stick as I am thanks!

Amy has fantastic boobs and I start playing with this while she starts stroking my cock and balls. After a few minutes she asks if I'm ready for oral, I am, and so on with the mac and there begins a really quite good BJ.

Unfortunately though, very thick condom (and I'll say a cold room, but that's more self preservation, read on!) and after about 5 minutes of this my colonel began to lose interest rapidly, "oh dear, what have I done" Amy wanders - in a really nice way though.

Off with the condom and more stroking and groping, after 10 minutes of this I'm beginning to think the colonel is on strike and so I say I'll leave it. Amy checks I'm sure, asks if I want her to try anything else to 'help', says she doesn't mind trying some more. But I've failed and say that I'll go, but thanks.

We chat nicely as we dress, Amy is a nice girl and quite attractive.

I'm not sure what happened!!!

Once dressed Amy asks if I'd like to use the back door to leave "it's a bit more discrete for you", well might have been nice if someone had told me that when I phoned to say I was coming for the first time!

Positive - friendly, attractive (in a 7/10 kind of way) girl, clean room
Negative - extra's after paid, indiscrete entrance
Would I go back? if in the area, now I know about back door - maybe
and so all in all a neutral

Offline Not_today

I've seen pics of Amy and she looks ok, if a bit chunky. Having visited Sensations before i've vowed never to go back as i've not once had a good experience.

The backdoor entrance isnt any better as the locals know the score and you often get looks through curtains etc !

Im yet to have a positive punting experience in Chippenham !

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