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Author Topic: Hot Ameera with nuru!  (Read 756 times)

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Ameera is already well reviewed here, and I can only add another positive.

This was my second visit to Ameera. This time I had requested nuru, such was my curiosity!

The nuru was an interesting experience, now it's been ticked off my bucket list. I liked the slithering and the wanking and all that, but it wasn't an experience I would repeat.

However Ameera is an experience I would repeat! BJs were given with gusto, DFK,  RO and furious fingering were partaken of.

Had a shower together to clean off the nuru. Ameera had taken off the bed covers afterwards so we could have more fun. She really tried very hard to make me cum twice (and she almost succeeded!) but at my age I'm a one pop a hour man! No clockwatching as I genuinely had to leave at the end of the hour, she didn't want me to leave.

She's in my top 3!
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77 review(s) found for Hot Ameera linked to in above post (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline west8

Read the title of the Review and my first thought was to check for reviews of Nuru! :sarcastic:

Sounds like a teen Japanese girl with the body of a gymnast.

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