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Author Topic: Adultwork mobile app  (Read 895 times)

Offline Marmalade

Does anyone else find the Adult work mobile app a bit Buggy?

As web apps go, it's pretty good but still far from perfect. The iPhone version, unsurprisingly, being the more stable version.

The coding for Androids, again as you might expect, seems to change fairly frequently.  I complained about a small bug to them recently as they have mostly acknowledged my feedback, but on this occasion I just got a fairly snotty reply telling me the app was thoroughly tested on lots of platforms and works fine. Clearly it is my fairly new £700 smartphone. Cunts.

Some of the problems can be fixed by switching browsers. The native app is not the best of all possible worlds. I use four or five different ones, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and change them every so often except for Firefox. Some I like just now are Frost, Opera, Chrome, Orweb and CM Browser.

Offline d00fer

The Android web app is buggy as hell, and I'm not going to tell them as they aren't paying me to test their site. I just go to the desktop site instead which works fine, but is a pain to navigate on my shitty punting phone.

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