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Author Topic: Tamara Tease - excellent punt by a very underated sexual wonder lass  (Read 2638 times)

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 https://www.adultwork.com/2508508 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FTamara+Tease%5F

I had been ill over the weekend much to my frustrations as it ruled me out of my Sunday morning punt this week. In one way I thought maybe not a bad thing as I have a punt lined up Thursday that I wanted to replimish my balls for. But come early Monday afternoon I had decided fuck that I need a shag and I need it today.
Had a look at aw during my dinner break and narrowed it down to 4. I texted another girl first but she took a while to get back and luckily when she did it was for an hour later than I wanted. By this time I already texted Tamara who said she could make the requested time and would i like to make an appointment. Remembering Herges Adventures excellent review and how I had been craving some hardcore deepthroat, I quickly text back saying yes I do. She text back with her post code and street name. When I was finished at work I made my way directly there by tube. It was raining and a bit chilly and is about a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross. When I got to her street I called but no reply. I thought oh shit and had no plan B.  But lucky for me she called back promptly and told me where to go. At this point I could see her from the window and thought what a little fire cracker.
I walked up the stairs and she opened the door for me. My first impression was that she was really beautiful if you like the slavik look which I do. She is Polish but half Russian and this mix created a top looking bird.
She was wearing a blue Japanese style kimono dress that was very tight fitting and blue boots. A kiss on the cheek hello paid my fee and was offered a shower and drink. Seeing I had been at work all day I opted for the shower to freshen up. Also having lived in Russia many years I know the eastern chicks like a man to shower before sex it was welcome.
Out the shower and to the bedroom I just had me towel wrapped around me waist. She came up to me and we started to kiss full DFK. I was happy by this because she seemed a little distant before my shower. But that all changed.  She asked me what I liked and without hesitation I said deep throat she smiled and said good. She then noticed I had a piercing like her and it was off with the dress so she could show me. I helped unzip and then off with bra and her baps were out. We had been kissing up to this point. I then gave her tits a suck and licked her piercing.  During this she was stroking my cock through the towel which finally fell off.
Tamara has shortish blonde hair at the moment just above her shoulders. She is lovely and slim and not that tall but a great little package with some impressive tattoos which is another thing that attached me to her.
We moved to the bed and what to follow was about 20 minutes of the most amazing deep throat I have ever experienced combined with ball licking and snogging. She had my cock on the brink for ages. I then suggested 69 and at this point I decided to ask if I paid the extra £30 could we include a levels which she said yes to. So another 15 minutes in 69 where I lapped away at her pussy and arse whilst also alternatively fingering both her holes whilst she went to town swalling the entire length of my cock time and time again.  Pure bliss.
Realising time was passing too fast I rubbered up and she rode me like she was trying to win the derby at Epsom.  I could have carried on fucking like that for the while afternoon. Alas there was little time left so we moved into doggy me standing first in the pink hole then a bit of anal.  She was very tight and whilst I was fingering her bum hole I was wondering how my cock was going to get up it. But with some lube she took it like a trooper and i really was able to give her arse a good pounding. I was about to explode so took the condom off and got her to blow me to heaven which she did and I exploded in her mouth and face. She told me she doesn't swallow and let it drip on her tits. The perfect ending to the perfect Monday afternoon.
Tamara is superb at what she does is good to talk to absolutely stunning and best of all a deep throat warrior - bravo
The only downside was an hour was way to short would have preferred 2.

7 review(s) found for _Tamara Tease_ linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She is very good indeed - glad you enjoyed!
Don't know why she wasn't reviewed before - but different looks on photos and moving venues might have put people off.


Well glad I partook and the others definitely missing out on a gem

Cheers for the review mate... on the hotlist she goes! I really need to sort out some business trips to London, my hotlist is growing by the day!

Offline marty_mcfly

I am seriously considering seeing her. Is she really as good looking as her photos suggest?

Her AW profile states that she smokes socially. Did any of you guys notice any cigarette breath whilst kissing her? PM me if you prefer.

Banning reason: Unstable

Offline BeesKnees

She's cute, responsive and has a great attitude. The pics appear old and she sports a newer look currently with shorter brunette hair. Looks miles better than those studio pics.

She might not be to people's pph, but she's great nonetheless

Yep, I'd say far better looking than those photos - sexy short bob at the mo  :thumbsup:

Offline marty_mcfly

Thanks guys. I am most definitely seeing her very soon. Some of her photos remind me of the porn star Riley Reid, who is one of my favourites.
Banning reason: Unstable

Offline BeesKnees

Some of her photos remind me of the porn star Riley Reid, who is one of my favourites.

I see that comparison. Tamara has better boobs and fuller lips

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