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Author Topic: Ambassador suite - Cardiff  (Read 1572 times)

anyone got comments on this place ?
will be in Cardiff later this week.. girls pics look good .....

Don't try the NHS mate, stick with BUPA  :hi:

Offline needzall

Been here one time late at night. The girls in photos aren't quite accurate but the three were actually there believe it or not. I think I got the girl named Tanya or whatever. Good experience overall, a little mechanical but she was nice and did a good job so not complaining.

You have to pay a tenner to have a look  :diablo:

Offline Jj24

Been here many times, I always see Welsh jess good service, fantastic boobs had a few freebies out side of the whole 'massage parlour' thing

The place in general is abit run down now tho and now they've started this £10 to look it's not so good never believe sizes, looks, services offered if you ring and ask always different when your there

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