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Author Topic: Offering non-escorts money for sex  (Read 18637 times)

I have done pretty well in the past. I found a couple of girls on gumtrees work wanted section amongst the many adverts. They had ads basically saying they were looking for work and would consider anything. I put in an offer to see what happened,  and from one recieved several horny massages with a hand job, the other a poor massage but with a fantastic bj :-)

I offered a hot girl £300 for sex on a chatroom and she agreed not bad sex and the best bj of my life.
And another girl of a chatroom, if i toped her phone up she would flash tits on webcam, for an extra £20 she would play with herself on webcam. She once met me and gave me a hand job for £50, I did offer extra for a bj, but she werent having any. And there were a couple others as well Happy days!

they do not sound like non-escorts.

Offline G-Raw

I always think that flight attendants are keen for it :D

Offline Marmalade

I always think that flight attendants are keen for it :D

I wonder if you've been watching too many episodes of Pan Am . . .  :D

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