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Evening Gents,

Well, having spent a good amount of time on this site reading reviews in Manchester and picking between individual foibles, issues and dramas which could appear on Jeremy Kyle, I decided to rely on my own judgment and take time to spend an evening with Miss Lauren.

New profile:

I decided to attempt my first ever reverse booking about a month ago, choosing a 90 minute outcall at my gaff, including A-Level. I had 4 or 5 WGs put bids in, but seeing Miss Lauren, I decided that she was the one for me.
As mentioned earlier, I've read this site, I've seen what issues some people have had, but I also had to look at the great feedback on AW and the odd positive word on here, so I went with my choice. It was all arranged for a sunday night, I was ready, prepped, showered, shaved, the flat was clean and time to go. Her comms had been great, adding me on WhatsApp and all was good, so when it got to 8pm and she hadn't turned up, I was wondering if I'd made a bad choice.
She couldn't make it. An excuse about forgetting purses, leaving mobiles at home etc, whilst on her way. Poor. She had a better offer.
Okay, I'll let that go, I'm a reasonable bloke, let's try again a few days later. Another no-show. I'm getting a bit riled at this point, but she explained that she had some blah, blah, blah. Basically another fail. She did get in touch on AW after to apologise 'profusely', which was decent enough. I was then off for a week on a ski trip, so no time for round 3 until this evening.

I replied to her AW message suggesting a booking tonight at mine. This time, all was worked according to plan. I was expecting another no-show, as it goes, this time it was a late-show, but only by 10 minutes.

The Meet
She dropped me a message to say she was outside my apartment. I live in a big mill conversion, so I had to run down and meet her. She's a lovely looking girl, dressed in an understated, but sexy fashion. We got into my flat, she asked for a soft drink, which was provided, I had a glass of Vin Blanc. We sat down and had a good chat, like we'd known each other for ages. She's a very inquisitive and chatty girl, perhaps a little too much considering the circumstances? Perhaps not, I enjoyed the rapport. Very easy going.
Paperwork was handled, we sat and chatted some more, and then to the big match.

The Meat
We retired to the bedroom. Lauren didn't bring a heck of a lot with her, just a handbag, a book and a nodder. No matter, that was good enough for me. We both stripped off, then went in for some FK. No DFK, but she was happy enough to kiss. She's got a lovely figure. Like the pictures, but she's clearly filled out from the skinny pics on her profile. This to me was a good thing, she had great curves and lovely firm, yet small tits. She went down for a bit of OWO, and asked me what I like. My response of "everything" stopped her in her tracks briefly, but she soon got down to more OWO. We then moved to a 69, with her on top. She does give a good blowy, and I was quite aroused with my tongue right up her pussy.
This went on for a few minutes before she reclined on the bed and opened her legs for a bit of RO. I duly obliged and buried my mush in her growler.
I went down for a bit of rimming on her, which she seemed to enjoy, then I embedded my fingers one in the pink and one in the tricky brown, again, which she enjoyed.
Next round, get the old poncho on and prep for a bit of mish, which was very enjoyable. This girl really knows how to fuck I give you that. And she likes it hard. Personally, I like to start slowly and build up as I get into the groove, she urged me to get straight into hammer-on-anvil, and I absolutely loved it! So much so that I nearly popped.

Well, old Jack Burton over here isn't such an amateur as that. A tactical withdrawal later, I flipped her onto all-fours for some doggy. Once again, she likes it hard, and I was giving it as much as I could whilst my stamina lasted, but the main event hadn't happened yet. I asked her if she liked A-Level earlier in the night (clearly she had forgotten my previous reverse booking request), but it seems that she loves it. Nice and slowly at first, not a bit of lube in sight, but it slipped in nicely. She seemed to enjoy it, I seemed to love it, the cork exploded off the end of the bottle and all was right with the world!

We reclined for a few minutes and continued our chat. Once again, she's really is a lovely girl with a great personality. She is very open and personal, so I can see where previous posters have got too involved personally, hence later politics.

Definitely a positive. Her comms were fantastic throughout, even though her reliability was poor to start. However, excuses aside, she made the effort, and I even got a discount on my initial reverse bid offering. I liked the girl a lot, she's sexy and she's bloody good in the sack, so I certainly hope to see her again.

I think this goes to show that UKP reviews, whilst a brilliant reference, can often put you off due to someone's personal issues. I personally like to stay somewhat detached from all that, and just enjoy myself where and when possible.

Next up: no idea, I'm still new to Manchester, so the town is my oyster. Watch this space.

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