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Author Topic: Celia West - TOFFT & Scam  (Read 357 times)

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Thanks to this board and members I've managed to have a successful few punts as I dipped my toe into punting. But not tonight!

So, to warn the other members of this board who have given me invaluable information, thought it only fair I did the same. Sorry it's a tad long but thought I'd give everyone the full story.

I had originally booked someone else today for an outcall (a well respected WG) who messaged way ahead of time to say she had to cancel for family reasons. So, with some cash burning my wallet and a boner not willing to give up, I had a nose around AW to see who was available and Celia West's profile popped up. No ratings which was a concern but looked at the PG and wow!

So with my dick making the decisions thought I'd TOFFT.

Tried calling and got no response. Sent a text, no response. Then an email only for the same response. That should have been my warning. Tried 30mins later on the phone and managed to get through. Said she was available and to text her the address which I did promptly and the time to arrive. Got a call 5 mins later to say she would arrive in an hour. Weird, as the booking was for 3 hrs time!

Corrected the person on the phone and they said, ok. See you at the time agreed.

15 mins after that time she had not turned up. Called and the person on the phone picked up promptly to say they were stuck in traffic and would be late by 45mins. I said that wasn't great and would have to reduce the booking to 1hr rather than 2.

20mins later I get a call to say they were outside my flat. I said ok, press the doorbell but they said i had to come and meet them.  :dash:

Open the door to a girl who clearly isn't the one on the profile. She walked straight in before I could say anything. Spouting some European accent about being sorry and traffic etc etc.

Get her in to the kitchen and say you're clearly not the girl in the profile. 'It's no problem' she said, the gallery is photoshopped. Now I know graphic design and if someone had photoshopped her to look like the girl in the PG then they need to get snapped up quick. There was no similarity. 'It's no problem' she kept saying. So, after 2 mins of convincing her it was a problem she finally said, 'Ok I go .... but I need money for taxi!' I said no ..... and she called someone on the phone speaking the entire time with a foreign accent. I said, I won't pay for taxi at which point she stopped talking on the phone and said 'Taxi is outside ... I go' I said fine, to which she responded 'I need money for taxi'

This took all of 10 mins and I just wanted her out of my flat. So, stumped up £20 to get her out and be done with it.

So, avoid Celia West - obviously a group or pimp just sending women out.

So, now I feel like a true member and have got my first scamming stripes. Keep posting so none of us have to put up with this in the future.

https://www.adultwork.com/2841257 or https://www.adultwork.com/Celia%2DWest

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Thanks for the NEGATIVE review - It would have been a Big No before I called due to BB and Hardsports being on her likes list.

A complete EE skunk Dogged a bullet


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