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Author Topic: Anna-Marie X South Kensington  (Read 1877 times)

18 review(s) for Anna-Marie X (13 positive, 5 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Sylvester

https://www.adultwork.com/2756404 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anna%2DMarie+X

£120 for 1 hour.  No extras.

Anna's pictures look fucking amazing.  She does not really look like any of them except for the selfie (which is to be expected I guess).  She clearly was an amazing hottie, and is still hanging in there, just.

I met her at Chelsea Cloisters, a first for me, so a bit like going to the punters Wembley for the first time!  The flat was ok, the shower was ok, all a bit tired and in need of a refurb.

Anna is tall, with a great figure, particularly her tits.  She was welcoming and friendly, the obligatory laptop playlist going in the background.

I found her service pretty mediocre.  Her breath smelled a bit of sprouts (?!?!?), and she spoke in the fake giggly 'oh you're so big, my goodness' way that I personally find irritating.

She started moaning and sighing as soon as I started to get undressed, culminating in a pretty poor fake orgasm while in doggy.

Her oral style was just peculiar - she formed a loose 'O' with her lips and bobbed her head up and down while barely making contact.  Quite frustrating.  RO was also frustrating as she did not allow fingers and was a bit wriggly / ticklish.  Sex was fine, and I came in doggy.

She offered a massage in between rounds which was quite nice - be aware though that she used a scented oil - camomile or something - that seriously lingered. 

All in all a bit lacklustre really.

As a footnote - she said she used to work in Miami.  I can totally see that.  She fits exactly my idea of a tall, busty EE girl on South Beach.
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18 review(s) found for Anna-Marie X linked to in above post (13 positive, 5 neutral, 0 negative)

Online stayer

Thanks for this review, need to reconsider just as I was getting worked up about her...

Cheers saw her for 2hrs well that was plan.. I'm mixed though as she is super hot lips, face and tits/bod. She text me this morning off a diff number and I spoke turned out was receptionist person yester off AW number . As said im mixed on weather to give her neutral or positive. She made me wait as it give me 5 mins .. when I got there on time chelsea cloisters apartments had to go to 500 and whatever room miles away .. She opened door and seemed genuinely suprised (im quite young) thought she a bit spainish but said about  Italian. She seemed younger than what I was expecting. I got a deal coz  we were really quiet with each other she was playing with her hair alot Also she didnt seem to understand when i was talking with her... So much....we didn't have very passionate kissing ..so I ended up with an hour and a bit instead of 2 . As I was actually kinda bored coz I didn't know what to do so was messing about instead and was tired too. The sex as a service was epic only coz hot bod and great fitting pussy ...Also her bj was really good but had to encourage her to take her hand off and take it all.. She did but without any chat or encouragement as coz I'm shy and don't know her it was difficult. She is really sweet but had to take charge (scary!) and I pulled her to edge of bed and really gave it her. Though her ass wasn't as firm as expecting ! Super tits yes , face and lips nice but no lipstick or make up. Tbh I don't think she was comfortable with me as she thought I was 16 ! Told me she was 30 . we were fun talking after our session of sex where she seemed to understand me more she was pretty friendly but that coz I am . Im torn on helping her out and guys on here . I imagine with right guys who are more assertive and sexual than me she's good / filthy etc.. Crazy as it sounds that's not my thing if I'm  not connecting. Yes yes I know it's about the service , the sex but also the overall package. Tbh at first I wasn't sure if was the same lady and coz she had little make up or lipstick she looked younger than I thought that's crazy too! Anyway she said I was good at sex , I don't think I am and she let play songs on her lap top when we messed around . Anyway I wished her luck with rest of her life said I'd write a review on here but this all ill write like west 8 one for the memories. Playboy and Fhm Hungary is pretty epic  so that's a mass positive too plus price is value though I spent a lot more on a awesome leather jacket from Joseph across the road after !

Finally I would say every experience is individual so any of you guys should try her out she's away in a couple of days .
I'm only saying as it was for me I recommend other girls straight up but this I can't give either way as I suspect I'm inexperienced still in making requyesrs so it showed in how I received service. Since I've joined here I feel very fortunate to have seen several ladies and who delivered me great service and connected well it was just one of those things with Ann .

Is back for 10 days  :hi:
From today 11th.

Offline Jerboa

She's worth a punt, good BJ and sex for £120 with a hot model type.

Oh for someone with these look at this price south of the river ... :(

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