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    This is one of those reviews for a meeting that didn't actually happen so it will be fairly short and sweet, however I thought I would post it as I'm sick to death of wasting my time sending emails on aw to people who have no intention of meeting.

    In short, I emailed Sexycouple1989 recently asking for details on how to make a booking and enquiring as to when they might be free. I got a very quick, very short, very terse response that just asked how long I wanted to book for. I immediately responded saying that this would depend on the actual times and days they were free, but that it would probably be for half an hour or an hour. Seemingly, this was too short as this email was promptly read and deleted with no reply arriving thereafter.

    I know from experience not to waste any more time at this stage as any future emails will just be ignored too, but as I said, I'm tired of trawling through aw and communciating with people only for them to decide just to ignore you (based on virtually nothing except for respectful, direct emails). I can almost guarantee that this couple are timewasting, private gallery sellers with no or little intention of meeting, so I thought I would save my ukpunting friends from wasted efforts too :)

    So in summary and to make it totally clear.......we never actually met, but communications were piss poor and so as far as I'm concerned this justifies a negative review as their initial 'client/customer service' is very lacking. Am I overreacting? Possibly and maybe even probably, but this one was the straw that broke the camel's back after experiencing the same kind of email crap from several folks on aw. Grrrrrr!!  :mad: Sorry....rant now over!!

    Offline Trelf

    How did you manage to make any sense of that ad??
    Its the most illiterate piece of writing I've ever seen!
    Banning reason: Touting agency, Trolling others who post negatives about that agency and slagging off UKPunting using different identity

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    How did you manage to make any sense of that ad??
    Its the most illiterate piece of writing I've ever seen!

    Bloody hell, i see what you mean. Size 24... :scare:

    I will admit, I didn't have a proper read through at first. I saw the couple bit and went straight ahead with a bit of email reconissance. It was only when I did take a second look that I realised I wouldn't be that keen to meet anyway, but that's besides the point. I guess i just don't like being ignored without good reason and it's the height of bad manners (not to mention poor business sense) to fail to respond to reasonable requests. I'm not naive enough to think that doesn't happen all the time of course, but I'm just a bit sick of having to accept it!

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