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Author Topic: Busty Nathalie, Polish, Chelsea SW10  (Read 1132 times)

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Offline the_pope


I know she's been revised here before but here is my experience.

She been on my HL for some time, and I had tried to book her once in the summer of 2014. My failed attempt was caused by a late booking that she cancelled and gave me lots of notice. The problem was that was in a basement restaurant and I had no telephone reception and ended up not getting my message till I was outside her apartment block. So I let hat one lie for a while till today.

I would have booked my favourite girl Smiley Miley as I hadn't seen her since before Christmas. Unfortunately she didn't have her green light on. There is of course some iron, should it not be a red light instead lol!

Anyway, texted her at 2:55 for a 4pm booking but got there late, only just late mind you as I did have to cross London on the District Line which took much longer as it is a Saturday. As I approached Earls Court I let her know that I was going to be a tad late, as it was I managed to hail a cab and got there just after. I texted her I was there and she let me have the flat no. Very nice apartment I Chelsea/Fulham area, Victorian terraced block with about 5 flats. She has a large one bedroom flat, nicely decorated with an equally larger living room but a small bathroom with a shower cubicle. The shower worked well and both the bathroom and bedroom was light and airy.

She offered me a shower and said that we should sort out the paperwork first. So fresh, clean towel received, stripped off in her bedroom and into the shower. There is no one else there so no bumping into someone else in another room being serviced by another girl. So far so good.

I came back into her bedroom and sat close to her on the bed. She asked what I liked, like kissing etc and I agreed that we should certainly start with that. I can't punt without DFK a, well I could but it would not be, in my opinion, be a good punt without. She ok and good with DFK and so the rest is pretty standard vanilla sex. Kissing, her stripping, tit sucking, then I tasted her pussy, which also gets me going, the aroma of an attractive woman, her blowing me, then mish and doggy. What I hadn't anticipated playing at the back of my mind was the crap punt I had at the beginning of the month with Naughty Joanna. This along with now stronger aroma of her pussy was having an effect on me. Normally the scent of a woman can be a turn on or off, this time the previous punt meant I want as hard as I should be. Perhaps it's because she's Polish as well, I don't know. Suffice to say, I manage to keep it together and changed to doggy and started to pump her more.

At this point I could see her clock on her bedside table and could se we were already 40 mins into our session. I really enjoy CIM so I asked if I could finish in her mouth, she was accommodating and agreed without any hesitation whatsoever, so off with the mac and onto my back. She positioned herself between her legs and sucked for England (or perhaps Poland). I average about 10 to 15 mins before the floodgates are opened. She offered me a wet wipe and left the room to spit out my cum.

When she returned we chatted about where she was from and how long shed been in London. I asked her about the golf clubs in her room, she had just started playing and didn't have a handicap yet. She also had a guitar amp, played both the electric and bass, however she admitted she wasn't that good.

If you not picked, yes she is weightier than her photos might suggest, perhaps it's the post Christmas weight that has yet to be lost. She's a sweet and lovely girl, she has a cute lisp, yes I know I'm being fluffy but it was my experience and I'm happy to recommend her.

Over and out!

5 review(s) found for BUSTY NATHALIE linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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