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Author Topic: anyone tried?  (Read 1365 times)

Offline yorkshire123

Bloody hell billy, you may have a self confessed small cock but that's one hell of a big link you've supplied  :D

 https://www.adultwork.com/1640938 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyloulou+xx (just copy & paste from the bottom of the profile)
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Offline Titanium

New poster but lurked for a while, so apologies if I should have started another thread but that would be a waste of board space.

I'd also be interested to know if anybody here had met this girl. I'm new and if her description of herself, sizes etc are accurate she sounds my type. The size 3 feet are a huge plus also, each to there own ;)

Offline bazza

not logged in since june though and no number, so wouldn't hold my breath! looks good though

Offline mart802

Mailed he a few times..
No reply.
Shame.. cos I fancied a play with those...

Offline Titanium

Thanks chaps, I hadn't noticed she hadn't logged in for a while.

Offline overdone

Nice tits - but would you go for an escort over £100?

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