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Author Topic: Real Or Enhanced - Agency's Should Say In Their Ads  (Read 446 times)

Offline AnthG

I am really asking this question in the hope agencies - e.g. Diamonds and Amour - see this topic and implement this to their listings. It is so annoying that agencies do not say if a girls breast sizes are natural or enhanced.

On Adultwork they have the addition of stating enhanced on the breast sizes part of the girls page. So its odd why agencies don't say this.

Personally speaking I really dislike with a passion fake/enhanced breasts. Girls always say when you are in the booking and ask, "mine are so good you cannot tell". And I am always polite and say "ok they are nice", but really it is just being polite and you can tell on touching them they are fake.

Looking down Diamonds and Amours lists of girls you look at at girls wanting to see someone with real. But are hesitant to book worrying they might be fake and you have wasted your money (that is how much I dislike seeing girls with enhanced breasts).

For example this new girl on Diamonds


She is down as 5ft.1" with a size 8 and has 34DD breasts. Part of my thinks no way could they be real as a girl that short wont have DD breasts. But then another part of me thinks she is 18 and could not possibly have got them enlarged at 18.

So then I think. If they were real I would book in a second. But if they were fake - given that she must have got them done likely the day she turned 18, means avoid like heck as she will not have a very appealing personality (for me) to have went through all that at 18.

It would literally solve all issues if the agency just said. 34DD - Real/Enhanced. Just like Adultwork does.

Does anyone agree with this. Or am I just spouting rubbish and its not needed on the girls profiles?

If people agree, I am hoping Amour/Diamonds read this topic and implement it. As they will likely be asking the girls during the interview stages of "are they real or not". And this means people get what they are after when booking the girl. (some people like enhanced for example and are specifically seeking that)

Offline Gothic D

Personally I really don't care if fake or real but any info they can pass on would be nice,as a lot of people like yourself do care.
I would like to see them put an age range that the girls would be happy to see.

Offline Mansell

The more info available the more chance that both parties are going to enjoy the punt and expectations will be met. Which has to do the Agencies and girls only good.

I agree with Gothic, if the girls have an upper age limit, then put it on.

I know there are the odd exceptions but as soon as I see DD on a profile I immediately think Fakies.

Offline AnthG

I know there are the odd exceptions but as soon as I see DD on a profile I immediately think Fakies.

But that is the thing. Most are fakes. But when you see a girl with real DDs, and who is a size 10 or less, its the best thing imaginable.

Offline Barry Shipton

To be fair to Naughty Northern Escorts they do describe the girls as 'enhanced' if they've had a boob job.
If you guys are happy to do the research, I'm happy to include it in the puntingwiki descriptions - make sure you test them thoroughly though  :D

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