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Author Topic: CocaOla  (Read 344 times)

Offline Trevor12

I haven't included a link as her profile is no longer on the site, but anybody who could answer the question will know the name.

She was one of my very first punts, and still one of my favourites. Does anybody know if she's still around in Brum, possibly only seeing regulars and not advertising? I'd love a second visit.

Any info, either on here or via PM would be appreciated.

Saw her & reviewed her months ago & she told me she will be working in Switzerland as money is better, but did appear back here soon after for a very short time.

When i saw her, she was working from the well known 'Polish' flat on Granville Street near Tesco's.

A bit gobby IMO but a great time if i recall.

Offline JJJ

Saw her before she left last year she said she doesn't know when she's coming back.  Hope she comes back soon one of favourites as well.  Truly the best experience I've had with a polish wg so far...

Offline curry

She always says that she has been in and out of the UK for at least three years to my Knowledge. You will find that some of these girls have issues with the other girls they stop with and as a result become very unpopular and word spreads fast.

Add on top of that the Sergi wars going on and then the cream on the cake is the grief they get at Immigration when they come in to the country.

Not all as clear cut as it seems.

According to Ola, 'Sergei' was a former working girl at Granville Street & not a nice person to work under.... I got a bit bored at this point & politely told her to get back to the job at hand & give my chappie wash down with her tongue  :D

Offline JJJ

Yes I'm sure she used have issues with wg she worked with.  That's probably the reason why she toured the country for a good few months

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