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Author Topic: WGs with Tattoos  (Read 6520 times)

I'd much rather appreciate the smooth flawless even-toned natural skin of a writhing lithe beauty - than tired looking flesh festooned with random ugly dark green smudges.

Do tattoos on a WG actually add to or detract from your appreciation of her body?

Offline Davede

I booked a girl once who had claws on the top of each boob that was a bit strange to look at and i wasn't to bothered about sucking on them either but i supose it does depend what it is and where..

Offline fredpunter

I'm not a fan of tattoos. Can tolerate them if small but a girl that's covered in them is a turn off.

Offline DG

Discrete and cute are ok with me. Not a fan of the full sleeves or anything around the tits or pussy. Some back tattoos are quite nice if the girl is athletically built.

Was in a Lapdancing Club in Florida recently. This girl started talking to me; really pleasant and fantastic body but head was shaved and she was tattooed all over, including her neck and head. I had to tell her she was a lovely girl but just didn't do it for me. Shame she was really pretty too, apart from the piercings in her nose and cheeks.

Although I don't have an issue with larger women, big woman with tattoos doesn't work for me. The best artists throughout history have used a tight canvass to create their masterpieces!!!
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Offline Sylvester

I'm pretty fond of tattoos on a girl, when done well.  Sweet Maria it's an excellent example of a girl with amazing tats (for me anyway).

 https://www.adultwork.com/2449952 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+Maria+London

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Offline Dante

Detract for me. I'm not a fan of the modern trend where apparently every stretch of skin has to be covered with ink. Same goes piercings, I prefer a woman without.

Offline Neal69

I am not a fan of Tats.

However I did see a Girl a while back who was a Goth type and covered in them C/W piercings all around the face as well as elsewhere.

Now if you would have asked me if I fancied this type of Girl the answer would be no and truthfully if I had known that she had so many I would not have booked. ( Photo shopped out on Gallery)


She was really good and was right up for it and gave me great service.

So I came to the conclusion that its the attitude that matters rather than the look.

That's not to say she was not attractive and had a great body its just that I felt she would have looked much better sans tats and facial iron.

The only tattoo I like is the stain I leave on her face!  :thumbsup:

I think on the right girl tattoos can look fucking stunning. For example (not sure if this is gonna work): https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350084571008069615/

There was a girl I saw a long time ago (5 years) in Whitechapel area... tiny, facially not that great but she turned round and her whole back was one giant tattoo. I did her from behind and blew my load in under a minute. The tattoo definitely added to the experience in that case.

I love them.  I know that nowadays most girls have them, but there's nothing sexier than finding a girl who looks like she doesn't, or indeed shouldn't, have a tattoo.  And it turns out to be a corker, such as a huge piece that covers her entire back.  Or something on the top of the thigh that suggest she doesn't want daddy to find out she got some ink done.

Anything above and beyond a tramp stamp is fine with me.

Offline Trevor12

I like small tattoos that are not on the boobs, stomach or pussy. I don't mind half/full sleeves either.

However, I've never looked at a girl and thought- I wish she had more tattoos. But I have thought the opposite at times.

I'm a hypocrite when it comes to women with tattoos.
I'm heavily tattooed yet I prefer women to not have tattoos. It wouldn't stop me from punting with a tattooed wg. In fact a bucket list punt would be to punt a prossie with a tattooed bodysuit, very rare but one can hope.

I discourage anyone from getting them too.

Offline Ali Katt

I'm pretty fond of tattoos on a girl, when done well.  Sweet Maria it's an excellent example of a girl with amazing tats (for me anyway).

 https://www.adultwork.com/2449952 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+Maria+London
Obviously subjective, but they look fucking shit. The playboy bunny is she 12? I hate script, I hate tribal shit and I hate any neck tatts. Don't mind tatts on rock chicks, but most prossies are council estate cock munchers with tatts which look like they are drawn on with felt tip.

25 review(s) found for Sweet Maria London linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Like the others here i'm not a big fan of tattoos. However i learnt how to live with them - they are everywhere in these days. My regular has quite big tattoo, it doesn't affect me at all. :hi:

I hate tattoos on women. I believe women should be banned from tattoo parlours. I can just about tolerate tats on men as long as they aren't visible. And women who have tattoos on their breasts ... what the fuck is that about?

I know people who got very good jobs one day. And they had to pay a lot of money to...remove tattoos.

Offline 306

tattoos are one of my warning signs be aware
  clever girls take photos with them not shown or covered by nice underwear .
tattoos on boobs and hands also home made tattoos throw up danger signs for me .
thats my view anyway .
to add i look for scars from cuts to arms this  means white lines etc
 means some things happen in the past and could well end in a very poor punt !
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Offline JV547845

I think barely 10-15% of WGs are tattoo free in my experience.  I don't really care either way personally, but if you insist on tattoo free there are far fewer WGs to choose from.

Offline SamLP

I've learnt to block out the image of tattoos as it seems every girl has some. Not a big fan of them. My latest favourite is tattoo free though  :yahoo:

Offline DDDave

I like tattoos that have been done properly with artistic merit. The othe advantage of tarts with tats is that if the sex is crap at least you have something to read.

Offline Sonny Crockett

I must say I love women with tattoos (those that are done well)..... however when it comes to punting, for me they would only enhance the experience if the sex is great!!!!!
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Offline west8

I've always hated tattoos.

Funnily enough, I didn't hate these tattoos:


I quite like tattoos on a WG and sometimes really blatant such as full back but they have to be done well, home done ones or ones that just look like dark smudges and look home done are a big no, also not a fan of tit or pussy tats.
I tend to think they make a girl look quite slutty which is why I like them from a punting point of view as i'm looking for something to float my boat not take home to meet my mum.
Same goes for piercings, I quite like them on a WG but depends where they are, got a big thing for vaginal piercings but always surprised how few girls have them

Offline cueball

I don't mind tattoos on a wg at all, rough home made ones don't look good but professional quality ones are ok by me. I look for scars, bruising and needle tracks, I see them and I'm on my toes.

Offline NIK

Totally detract for me.

And rather than being individualistic they are so predictable these days.
It's perhaps no coincidence that three of the best girls I've seen didn't have a tattoo between them.

It's virtually impossible to find a prossy or indeed a porn actress these days without any.  :angry:

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