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Author Topic: LovelyEmily106 - almost neutral  (Read 1186 times)

21 review(s) for xxLovelyEmilyxx (15 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline OnTheSly


So having seen a lot of great reviews on here about Emily I thought I'd give her a go, so to speak.

First important thing to say to anyone interested in booking her - her comms are extremely flaky to say the least (as mentioned to me in the comments of another review).  I first tried to book her in advance via: call, text, AW email and AW booking request - no answers what so ever.  So I was thinking "darn there's no chance I'll get her today as she'll be booked" but guess what, as advised a short text "Any availability today for 90mins?" got a reply within 5 minutes!  The trick here guys is short, sharp to the point and importantly - on the day itself!  Anyway, all arranged pretty quickly via text no issues what so ever...

So I drove over to Greenwich and arrived about 10 minutes early and sent a text saying as much - got a response saying no problems come to the door and ring.  Anyway this continued a couple of times, go to A call to get more instructions and eventually I hear a door open and this stunning young lady greets me in a short black dress - totally my type looks wise (petite, slim and small busted) - great SO glad I booked 90 minutes.

First thing you get asked is to remove your shoes (i read that on another review) then led to her room.  She then explains that she only offers an erotic massage and was I OK with that - yes - then she asked if I wanted a different ending and I said Oral to which she said that'll be £20 extra.  Nothing new here (looks like sex or oral are both an extra £20 from the other reviews).

So things start off on your front and she does what she says she'll do - EXCEPT (and this is why I'm borderline neutral) when she uses her body to massage you she doesn't do it gently at all so you can't actually feel her boobs (OK they are small - but I prefer the light touch of the nipples during a massage and as long as you're not a fried egg this is possible) all you feel is her whole chest - which isn't very erotic.

Anyway the stuff with your back get's a bit tedious and to be honest I was just longing for her to tell me to turn over!  Must have spent about 40 mins on my back.

Things got a lot better when lying on my back - mainly because I could see and touch her and OMG has she got the most amazing arse and pussy you'll ever see.  I so enjoyed stroking her all over when she was in 69 position giving me some attention with her tits (so not close enough to kiss but close enough to get a great eye full whilst stroking).

Not long afterwards she was rubbing me with her stomach and due to a stupid school-boy error of not emptying the lizard before meeting her, popped.  She laughed and cleaned me up and asked if I wanted to continue for the remaining 30 minutes - of course!  So we continued.  She then started to pour oil on me and frantically try to get me hard again - but her touch was so light I could hardly feel anything and suggested she moved onto oral if she was trying to finish things off.  She got me hard again but maybe I was too de-sensitised from the earlier pop or she just wasn't that great,I just asked her to stop as it looked like hard work for her.

I was told I still had 5 minutes and was I OK with ending then - I said sure.  I was then offered a shower (refused) and slowly took my time to get dressed and say my goodbyes.

Now I had parked a couple of streets away, but a good 5 minute walk from the flats (let alone the 2 minutes once in the building) but I got back to my car exactly 90 minutes after I left.  So unless her time keeping was based on her seeing me get out my car she certainly tried to reduce the time of the visit and doesn't give the full time.  Again not to worry but worth mentioning for everyone else.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a shared flat - I constantly heard other people talking, at least 2 guys turn up and I even think someone coming back with some shopping!  Not sure how big the flat is or how many people work from there - I saw no one at all whilst there - just heard them.

- Stunning young lady probably a 9.5/10 for me
- Amazing arse and pussy
- Nice clean flat
- Very easy to get to by car and free parking available for 2 hours
- Did I mention that arse?!
- Great value at £80ph

- Seemed to just be going through the motions as someone else said - didn't put any real effort into it
- Think she might be a time thief but didn't both me - just watch out

- Quite a bit of distraction from other activities going on in the flat
- Uses far too much oil at the end that makes it almost impossible to feel what's going on

What would I do differently if I were to see her again:
- Sort myself out first and don't leave it over a week since he had action for starters!
- Don't book more than an hour
- Go for sex - that pussy looks divine and very small/tight

Would I see her again - probably not, great value for money (£140 all in) but I've had massages that are far better in the past - when you spend half of the time looking at a bed and not the lady her beauty doesn't really count for much.

21 review(s) found for xxLovelyEmilyxx linked to in above post (15 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline NightKid

Glad the text advice helped.

Regarding the massage not being sensual enough, you might've made a mistake by not telling her to slow down ... her reaction to your directives would've been telling as to what her work ethic is like.

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