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Author Topic: Kiev  (Read 736 times)

Offline tazz

Now that ukraine's currency has fallen off a cliff and is down to about 40 Hryvnia to a pound, it was 12 to a pound in 2013 laying women who would charge £150-200 an hour here is a cheap as £8 an hour. Just woundering if anyone has been there recently or fucked any of these stunners http://relaxkiev.com/eng/

Ive been there a few years ago but was reluctant to have a girl come to me.

Offline Jerboa

Yes I mention a few weeks ago about the drop in the Rouble & Hryvna, your right the Hryvna was 12=£1 only a few months ago, now at 40! Ukraine is just about bankrupt, with only 6 weeks of foreign reserves left. So hookers will be cheaper, for example this lady Ulyana http://relaxkiev.com/eng/prostitutka-ulyana-6946/ is only a tenner a hour!  :)
But doing a GRIS search pics are of Russian FHM model Katarina Pudar, she must of got bored flashing her tits in lads mags, and decided to sell her pussy in Kiev at a pittance.  :D https://twitter.com/katarinapudar

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