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Author Topic: Please advise - Any Southeast recommendations for a first timer?  (Read 949 times)

Offline Vernon28

Hello All, Hope you are doing great! Hoping you can help me please.

A little bit of an introduction...

I'm Vernon, 28 year old male from the south east of England. I'm currently a virgin looking to get the 'V' monkey off my back.

I'm a decent looking guy, good physique and had plenty of opportunities to lose it but declined these opportunities which now I really regret looking back on. I got it in my head that it would be best to lose it to someone that that I really cared about (soppy huh!!)  but I've put my life on hold for this, people that I had the opportunity with in the past I didn't care about but I should have had fun and took these opportunities maybe, I wasted quite a bit of time clearly.  I've realised I can't put life on hold in the hope of finding someone, got to enjoy the here and now and I realise this.

I want to make up for some lost time. I do not want to go to a club and pick someone up, I feel my lack of experience is really holding me back but feel after the first time or two I will be in a position to really move forward. I would like to get this monkey off my back once and for all before I hit my 30's.

I would like to meet someone who is understanding of the situation and who may have helped someone before in a similar predicament. I'm quite nervous about it so if anyone could please recommend someone decent in the SE area (Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton etc) I'd be very grateful. I would certainly be willing to travel a little further north up to London for the right girl. Money isn't really an issue either.

Thank you for reading,



I'm a decent looking guy, good physique and had plenty of opportunities to lose it but declined these opportunities

Vernon, a member 1 hour and you post this so not 100% what to make of you or whether you should be focusing on your homework  :unknown:. Why specifically are you looking for a prossie rather than a civvie? If your  post is true, IMO a prossie is not the best way to club that monkey off your balls/back  :hi:

My advice to a 28 year old virgin called Vernon is to join the local church and find yourself a " nice" girl. Do not go with a prossie. She will eat you alive.

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