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Author Topic: Has anyone ever been caught punting by there partner / wife?  (Read 1372 times)

Offline Strachen1982

Was wondering if anyone has actually been caught. How did you get caught out and did she let you off the hook?
So far so good for me but getting a little paranoid about it now.
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Offline doc14

never caught punting but U left AW still on pc once , luckily I wasn't logged in so bulled my way out. As regarding punting if caught in the act meeting up or going into a parlour/ house I have no idea how you get out of that or indeed if wife found any texts (hence punting phone)

Offline CBPaul

Not so far, caught red handed would be impossible to get out of and I fear my plums would be separated from the rest of me by some considerable distance. Doesn't stop me though, but I do stick to a set of rules than have served me well so far.

Offline Qwerty

Someone posted a link on here a while back, to a thread on Mumsnet from a woman who caught here husband out seeing WGs.

She chucked him out...

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