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Author Topic: Asian KTV in London?  (Read 547 times)

Offline goodboy13

Recently went to Asia & was blown away by their KTV bars, basically a nightclub made up of numerous VIP rooms. You hire a room for the night a pick from a huge selection of girls to party with you.

Drinks, food, dancing, games & karaoke of course (it's Asia after all). At the end of the night if a girl/s consent you pay mama san to spend the night with them back at your hotel. Needless to say I loved the experience & highly recommend it but is there any chance of finding similar in London?

I don't mean sex party/orgies/swingers clubs, I'm looking for a club or bar where you can mingle with wg's in a relaxed & comfortable/normal environment, then if you find one or more that you actually have a laugh with you can go upstairs or to a hotel & have some real fun with a girl you feel relaxed with rather than the forced & awkward, at least to begin with, circumstances it usually happens under.

It probably doesn't exist here how I'd like it & if it did would be too expensive (in Asia it worked out about £200-£300, depending on how much you drank for the evening & overnight with a very hot girl) but I had to ask.

I've heard a couple of hotel bars get regular wg's hanging out in their bars but they will just be on you to go up to their room ASAP & will charge £200-£600 ph for the pleasure, they prey on businessmen with big expense accounts.

Any recommendations or thoughts at all would be great
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