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Author Topic: Isabel Rose (West Mid outcall)  (Read 1360 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/2791415 or https://www.adultwork.com/Isabelrose

This is a new profile (member since 02/01/2015) but Isabel has been on AW before as Kaci.


1 hour outcall - £140, no extras
Services - owo, sex, tit wank to completion
Looks - 8/9 out of 10; looks just like you'd hope from the profile pics
Service - enthusiastic vanilla GFE with good conversation as well.
Very recommended and I hope to see her again.
Great comms and kudos for coming out to visit me when it's a good 40min drive from where she lives.
Calls from an unknown number which is worth bearing in mind if you're not using a punting phone - would easy to miss or reject the call.

The meet

I e-mailed her last Saturday to enquire about her availability on Monday - got a very quick response and after confirming a few points the booking was made.  Unfortunately I had to cancel the Monday booking but asked if we could change it to Wednesday.  Again very good comms (all via aw email) and booking was arranged.

Isabel said she'd call me an hour before the meet to tell me that she was on her way but I sent her an email earlier which she responded to - following up with a further one to ask if we could move the meet back a half hour as she was running late.  All good with me.

An hour prior to the meet comes and no call (I don't panic as we'd had the email exchange so she may have thought that a call would be overkill).  The time of the meet arrives and no Isabel -I'm starting to think it will be a no show :( 10 minutes pass - and my punting phone rings with an unknown number - I'm guessing it's Isabel so answer.  It is - she got a bit lost but is now in my road - result! I talk her in and see a rather nice car pull up on my drive - out steps an attractive brunette - long black hair, slim - oh yes!  She totters up the path to my house in her heels and we introduce ourselves.  I offer a drink then we go upstairs.  An amusing moment where she is stood one side of my bed, me the other - both fully clothed.  Bit of small talk - she takes off her coat and puts her bag down and asks if she can sit on the bed - very polite girl ;)  both on the bed (dressed) and start with some very pleasant kissing - proper kissing with mouths parting and tongues introducing each other.  Things get hot and heavy so the clothes come off - she's definitely the girl in the pictures - slim, tanned skin, large natural breasts, long dark hair and pretty.  Fairly discrete make up.  She did have hair extensions which I've never really understood and her hair (may not have been hers) wasn't soft and silky as I like it but that's just me being picky.  After some more kissing she has my cock in her mouth and she has skills there - great BJ - good combination of sucking the tip and taking the whole length into her mouth - I've found that quite rare - most girls just wank you a bit with the head in their mouth - not Isabel though.  No ball action in the BJ but frankly the attention my penis was getting was fine for me.

Condom on then she started riding me - it transpires that Isabel does a lot of show jumping - this became apparent by the stamina she displays when riding on top.  Very good and wonderful to be able to play with her breasts at the same time - but mostly just lay back and enjoyed the ride.  We then moved onto doggy - this again was a new wonderful experience for me - with all other girls I tend to fall out if I try to caress their boobs while in doggy - but Isabel must have positioned herself differently as I was able to hold onto her ample assets and pound away to my heart's content.  Smashing.  Move onto missionary, felt myself getting close so asked if I could cum between her tits - Isabel seemed happy to oblige so off with the condom and a most delightful tit wank to complete round 1.  The tit wank was a bit different from others I've had too - part of the fun is seeing your todger poking out between those breasts - however Isabel kind of mashed her tits together gripping my old may very well but I couldn't see anything that was happening.  Nature took it's course and I made a satisfying deposit of man goo in the valley of her breasts.  Wet wipes to clean up and a nice chat.

After a while I asked if she was up for round 2 - she was happy to oblige.  Round 2 was pretty much identical to round 1, I did try and progress from doggy to prone bone but Isabel wasn't keen - she'd never done it before so I didn't push it.  I finished off in missionary and that was the end of that.

So a very enjoyable hour.

She did say that she is likely to only be escorting for the next 4 months or so as she's only doing it to pay off some debts and after that she'll quit for good!

5 review(s) found for Isabelrose linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dboy74

Great review, bod666  :thumbsup:

Definitely ticking all the boxes for me. See what I can arrange  :D

Offline Memphis87

So I visited medussa strip club this morning and met a stripper called kaci who said she recognised me and was from solihull. At the time it didnt click but after I remembered and I'm sure it was kaci the escort who I visited at a hotel in Solihull. Has anyone got a pic of her? I'm pretty sure it was her if not anyone got any contact details for her a's she was an amazing dance and I wouldn't mind seeing her again! But for more than a dance lol

Offline dboy74

As far as I am aware she has given up escorting.

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