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Author Topic: 90s Edinburgh - Camille's - Windmill Place - Anyone Remember, any tales to tell?  (Read 298 times)

Offline jambogaz

So after reading the Kareens memory trip, got me thinking about my most memorable times back in the day so to speak.

Met Camille several times, she had a nice wee house in Windmill Place, just round the corner from Kareens.  She was a wee, passionate, short haired blonde, was probably in her 30s back then and came across as being vastly experienced.  Everything she did with me was intended to tease & titillate.  She had an upstairs boudoir, fully rigged out with all kinds of bondage equipment, which I was a bit young to try, although she did tie & tease me a few times to great effect.

Loved going there, was a totally shut-off place from normal life, and a thrill-zone for me.   

Also met another lady there just the once, when Camille was on holiday.  She was older and had the strangest tongue.  She was a very passionate kisser but her tongue was quite cat-like, almost rough.  Felt quite strange but worked a treat on the old man! 

All of a sudden Camille stopped advertising & was never heard from again.  I know she had spoken about wanting to go travelling abroad, so maybe she managed to fulfil her ambitions, hope so.

Sometimes wonder about these girls from years ago, whether they moved on to pastures new, retired into the sunset or whatever...Memories!   :D

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