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Author Topic: Ideal punt  (Read 685 times)

Offline Gourcuff

Just curious about people's ideal punt, I think that most punters are looking for someone who resembles an ex gf, crush or celeb? Or why do you go for a certain type?

Personally I'm always on the look out for someone who resembles my first real gf, short dark hair, size 10.

Similar to this http://m.imgur.com/a/jdfWo

A hard find!

Quite fancy finding a red head who looks like my sister in law...

Offline cueball

I usually go for big titted milfs, I've always had the horn for em even as a lad. I do stray to younger ones sometimes but the experience and service you get with a milf is usually pretty good, I do like blonde hair too.

Can't say I'm looking for particular lookalike though, neither celeb or ex

Quite fancy finding a red head who looks like my sister in law...

I'd like a girl who looks like my wife, but behaves like Rebecca More....


Offline socks

Can't say I'm looking for particular lookalike though, neither celeb or ex
Nor me but if one was the spitting image of say Katy Perry it would definitely add to the level of temptation. I'd be more vulnerable though if she looked like some of my civvie girl friends or colleagues!

I was once shagging a prossie when I realised she had a facial similarity to a woman I worked with, who I absolutely did not fancy. But that produced a right adrenalin rush at the time and cumming in her mouth imagining it was her certainly enhanced the experience. Still don't fancy that woman though! WTF?

I have no preconception on race, looks or figure.

I look for women with natural breasts preferable slim with it.

My ideal punt is the one that provides an experience with no hitches or weird events and I get good  sex capped with have a great orgasm that puts a smile on my face the next day.

Preferably <= £100 for the hour or <= £60 half hour

As long as she's not a moose and is as filthy as fuck I am happy

Offline Quesadilla

My ideal punt is more about attitude and services than anything else.  I look for a girl who provides the perfect GFE with genuine connection, but also being a really dirty slut - without it feeling like she's suddenly switching to pornstar mode and emulating something she's seen on Xhamster or Pornotube.  Just a genuinely really dirty minded girlfriend.

Physically I have totally different types I like - petite blondes are probably my absolute favourite and that probably does go back to my first gf.  But saying that a petite brunette / redhead will do very nicely in a pinch. Petite for me generally means less than 5'4 max, size 6-8 ideally but a size 10 with curves in the right places is great as well.

But with the right attitude / services I'd quite happily spend a few hours with someone totally different to my idea physical type. At least one of my regs is totally not my "usual" type and there are a good few others I've seen that I'd happily see again.  Variety is the spice of life after all and attitude is more important to me.

Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

Offline Anadin

Looks wise I tend to go for pretty porny looking MILFs with huge fake tits and a big round arse.

That really does it for me so if I'm paying for it I don't really deviate from the combination anymore.

Service wise I'm not too fussy I just want someone experienced that knows how to provide the services promised well.

Offline Sparquin

Simple. I like natural redhead nymphos and young Asians. Sadly never found one that combines the attributes.

Offline sticko

I'm married to a big-titted MILF so I look for anything other than that.  Any of the following work for me: Asian, slender, blonde / redhead, short hair, tats, duos (seeing Blondies tomorrow - yippee!).  Oh and they have to suck my cock really well too.   ;)


Attractive and slim than after that its all about the quality of service which gets me going back.

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