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Author Topic: Emmy at 'Heaven-Sent', Harlington  (Read 689 times)

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Offline drwho

Thanks to Bowesj and Denhamhoop for bringing new parlours in West London to my attention.

£60 for 30 mins (20 mins given)

Always on the lookout for someone or somewhere new in the area that at least caters for a Plan B.
When there's an Asian and Indian option thrown in at a good price my radar goes into the red.

First visit to this place. On Harlington High St above a small parade of shops.
Location as described by bowesj in the link above.   
Scruffy piss smelling stairway, but you're soon in the flat.
They seem concerned about hurding punters separately into rooms so they don't bump into one another. It doesn't bother me too much, but I guess there could be a first time when I recognise an acquaintance at one of these places, or worse- get spotted but not notice the other person.

Was a little put off Emmy by Denhamhoop's review but was happy enough to sacrifice OWO, less happy about doing without RO, but as long as kissing was included and enthusiastic I'd be happy.

Emmy was the only girl available which was fine as I wanted to see a Thai girl and the other girl was Russian.
Immediate impression was VERY positive.
Very pretty, smiley, slim and young with nice sized fake tits. She was dressed in a school girl-ish plaid skirt.
There was no doubt that I liked what I saw. I handed over the £60 and asked to take a shower.

Back from the shower and Emmy returned to the room at 16:35 (yes I made a point of clock watching, though I didn't actually say the time aloud to her)

First thing for me usually would be to enjoy some kissing standing up.
This wasn't allowed without a further £20 payment.
I had to agree to do without, as £80 for a half hour is beyond what I can justify to myself.
Through the rest of the punt I desperately wanted to kiss her though, but the rest of the service wasn't worth such a high price.

Her (covered) oral with was pretty ok from what I remember, but I was more interested in getting inside her before cumming as I knew there would definitely only be the one cum with Emmy.

Incidentally there is a price list in the bedroom, which I took a photo of :

£30 straight sex - 10 min
£30 oral with comdom(sic) - 10 min
£40 sex& oral with condom 15 min
£50 massage, sex, oral with condom 20 min
£60 massage, sex, oral with condom 30 min
£80 massage, sex, oral without 30 min
£80 massage, cum twice oral with(sic) 30 min
£80 massage, anal 30 min
£100 massage, o without, cum twice 30-40 min (???)
£100 massage, o without completion in mouth 30 min
£100 massage, o without to facial 30 min

...and this was only page one.
Don't understand what the "30-40 min" is supposed to suggest in the cum twice option.

I tried my luck with Reverse Oral with Emmy, but she confirmed another £20, so fuck that.
Anyway, I remained as friendly and gentlemanly as I could in an attempt to squeeze the best service out of her.
Might not have bothered really, as the sex seemed to be a chore to her.
From the start she went to offer cowgirl, but I wanted to be in control so I could last a bit longer, so did missionary to completion.
She did this thing where she wrapped her leg tightly around while I was inside her, and later touched my shaft with her hand to make me cum quicker.
I did my best to last out and paused a bit to enjoy the penetration before cumming, but she started to hurry me up.
By 10 minutes in she was complaining I was taking too long - bitch :thumbsdown:
I came and she cleaned up then got me to turn over for the massage.

The massage was very firm and not sexual in the slightest.
As she made my spine crack I drifted into writing a negative review in my head on the past 10 minutes.
I decided to try to get some value back by enjoying that fantastic body and pretty face of hers rather than lying face down.
She immediately responded that it was cum once (which of course I already knew would be the case)
Just about got away with a little bit of stroking and nipple licking until she started to become increasingly assertive and out of the room into the shower by 16:55 (20 minutes from the start of the booking)
I had politely pointed this out but there was no use.

Through frustration I started having a wank in the room at the memory of her face and body, before realising I was probably on CCTV somehow so aborted it, took a photo of the price list and made my way downstairs.

I was intrigued to see what the other girl looked like as she sounded like she was having a lot more fun in the next room than we were.
I asked the maid if I could meet her before I left. Despite being almost able to see her directly through the ajar door in the girls room I was sent back upstairs and told to close the bedroom door behind me and wait for the Russian to come up.
The Russian girl, Dora wasn't much of a looker to me. I would hope her service compensated for it, but maybe not.

Such a shame that the essentials are extras and being conned out of paid time. Emmy is a very pretty young Thai girl, and one of the best looking Asian girls I've ever been with. If she could manage even a 'normal' level of service I'd be back, but don't think it would be worth paying £80 for 30 minutes, assuming she doesn't change her attitude. 

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