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Author Topic: Chinese/oriental Nottingham city Centre  (Read 481 times)

Offline X3 Guy

Does anyone know of such a place in the city centre,was seeing a girl till recently then she went home.

Not looking for one from an agency, just one in the range of 50/60 pounds  :wacko: for a nice time!

Any help and info would be appreciated- getting frustrating  not being able to bang a nice chinese girl!


Offline Stickitin

There's a couple of chinese around Beeston, but they change girls every week so a bit hit and miss, check on adult work. I would personally go for one of the Thai girls on there if I was looking for a new girl, not banged any of the ones currently advertising to recommend one, but they are generally fairly consistent with their service in my experience and better looking than the Chinese girls, but mostly charge £70.
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