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Author Topic: help!  (Read 1386 times)

After maybe 30 to 50 punts in the last few years.
It's starting to become a little disappointing.
There are a few girls I have really enjoyed, ellen from diamonds, kitty and Eva dream. I don't really go for pse.
I prefer the more natural girls who are relaxed and seem to be in to it. I can spot fake moans a mile away and it turns me off.

I haven't tried lily or eva but not through lack of trying. I haven't been with brooke it's just too far in advance. And nor tori both my efforts have been let down.

So I have decided there seem to be literally a handful of girls who are worth it.  At least what I am looking for.

can anyone recommend any early to mid twenties , slim, attractive girls who are fairly new? I tend to find the ones who have been at it for years are too well practiced at being  "good".

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Offline johnny34

Keep trying Lily & Eva, also Antonia of Diamonds & BlondeBabeHoney.

Offline Mansell

Does sound like your missing out on the really good girls. Keep persisting it's well worth it  :D

Offline Toshiba

Lily or eva are the perfect fit

Keep trying, make the effort to watch out for their hours and get in first

Well worth the wait, although ive only seen lily

Offline Third Man

I would say that there are only  a  limited number that are worth the money. Recommendations are good but ultimately you need to decide what exactly it is you are looking for in a girl.

Offline Bengeo13

wd - I've seen the girls you've mentioned "ellen from diamonds, kitty and Eva dream", and excellent choices too may I make the comment!
My advice echoes what has already been mentioned honeybabe, lily & eva all 'get into it' in fine style.

Offline Looking4fun

Think everyone's idea of good may be a little different but all the ladies mentioned so far are very popular for me Blondebabehoney & Annabelleljf from my experience as I haven't had the pleasure of the other girls mentioned

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