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    Author Topic: Worth TOFTT -nothing on reverse search and she's made it to the best tits post  (Read 742 times)

    My sentiments exactly.. spotted this one earlier amongst the cunt invasion.  Well worth a trip to test the water.. if she looks like that and those titties could do with a closer examination.   :P

    Offline Corus Boy

    Anyone called and found the location yet?

    She's top of my Plan B for this week.

    Prices look like Redlaver Street.

    I was keen to see her so subscribed to her PG. Tineye revealed her pictures are widespread on other sites. Whether she has changed them now or is a scam, not sure, but tread carefully.

    Online HughJardon

    Epic titties and just had a text, shes working from the Park Inn in town. At the end of the yext she wrote kisses not x im dubious, but those Tits demand attention

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