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Author Topic: 24  (Read 1476 times)

Online hendrix

 :wackogirl:  Crack is a hell of a drug.

She is so smacked up she can only remember 24 birthdays!

Get it right...... She was born in 1924  :crazy:

Offline mikey1973

Banning reason: aka Iniesta11

Do something before it breeds

hahahahahaah like what use a swatter ?

Offline SamLP

She may have been born on 29th Feb for all we know. That would make her 24.

Offline fly fifer

She's 24 all-right, but that's in dog years.  :yahoo:

I dont care how old it is ...it is fucking horrible pmsl

Offline Dani

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How the hell can she expect anyone to believe she is only 24. I would say late 50s at the very youngest
It's one thing some knocking a couple of years off like some do but knocking at least 25 off is really taking the piss. She must really believe people are stupid

Offline carefree

Fuckin hell,

She looks like Eartha Kitt's ugly twin :vomit:
Banning reason: Troll

Offline gorge

Seriously this one claims to be 24   :scare:

does she look better in the flesh ?

Offline doc14

and I thought she managed to pull off the "young school girl thing"  :lol:

Offline raylondoner

Can we have a link to its profile please?  :wacko:

Offline doc14

Can we have a link to its profile please?  :wacko:
Just spat my coffee out at work, you going to TOFTT?

Offline raylondoner

Doubt it, just curious. BTW, you should swallow, not spit.   :hi:

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