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Author Topic: Is sex your only vice?  (Read 1200 times)

I'm addicted to Sugar and know this because I hate the fact that I eat shit and feel terrible after. :timeout:

Offline CBPaul

I think I maintain a certain level of vice, probably closely linked to available bunce money.

Combination of tobacco, alcohol and prossies as I don't smoke dope anymore. The more I smoke and drink the few prossies I see per month. Packed up smoking last year and spent the freed up cash on prossies instead.

Good to see you posting BTW Puntico  :thumbsup:

gaming and weed. ive also taken a liking to online poker as of late and i always put a tenner on man united to win 4-0 usually ridiculous odds, it doesnt happen very often but when it does quids in an its straight to a parlour for me lol i sometimes stick a fiver on the other team to win 1-0 if the odds are over 20/1 like tonight burnley 29/1

That reminded me of a bloke in work who always sticks £2-3 on Norwich drawing 4-4.  I've seen it come in twice for him with a nice wedge of money for a small weekly outlay

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