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Author Topic: House of Divine - Apple  (Read 1184 times)

Has anyone had any experiences with her?  She looks seriously hot and has some great reviews.

Offline Puntsmith


Apples does look interesting. And a few of the other girls looks great too!

I've not been back to HOD in a long time.  I notice that they're back in NW1 - does anyone have details of where?  Nearest station or street would be useful.


Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

My review here. She's a fab girl, very attentive and very keen to give a good experience. Highly recommend.


Thanks for the feedback ... v tempted to make booking

Offline vt

I met tiny Apple a couple of times at LMP, my short review of her is included here...


I met her again since then and she was just as eager. Hard to age SE Asian ladies, but I reckon she could be late 20s, though she is so petite, she looks younger. I seem to remember some evidence of childbirth, perhaps a small c-section scar?? I mention it in case it's a dealbreaker, but obviously it didn't affect her service.

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